In wall switch 240Vac 16a DC


Can anyone recommend an in wall switch / module that works with 240V 16a DC (or more)?
I need something that controls an existing Thermostat (MTD2 thermostat). Thermostat specs:

Supply Voltage: 240Vac, 50/60hz
Output Relay: 16A SPST, 3600W max
Switching Differential: 0.4 degC
Built-in Switch: 2 pole 16A


There is not much out there for baseboard thermostat right now especially in floor heating. It’s even tougher to have it integrate with your existing thermostat. Sinope is coming out with one soon but no tying with ST. Unless you are not using the in floor temp sensor ( not recommended) and willing to change out your thermostat then you can use an aube relay module and another low voltage thermostat.
Edit: I am using the sinope baseboard thermostats for 4 of my room and pretty happy with them but won’t buy more until they release their api and local control.

Thx for the reply Ray. I know there aren’t too many baseboards thermostats out there that’s why I’m looking for an in wall SWITCH which could switch off the whole system. Finiding a switch should be a lot easier BUT I can’t seem to find one with 240V 16a. Which is what my electrician told me I should get for that thermostat

I wouldn’t go a relay way. Too many complications. Efficiency, schedule… To name a few. How about using an Aube relay
With another thermostat? With this module you can go with a bunch of low voltage thermostat like nest, ecobee etc…