In-app comments for Automations, (virtual) Devices, etc

Useful or superfluous?
From time to time I’ve felt that being able to append a comment in addition to the name of an automation or virtual device (as an optional item when creating it and/or under Additional settings) would be useful in reminding myself (or others) why a particular action was taken in setting up a SmartThings environment.
Currently I get by with verbose naming for automations and devices, but it feels like I’m overloading the purpose of that field.

Is this something that might one day be looked at, or are most people comfortable with the status quo?

Certainly useful, but a pretty small increment. As a product manager myself, I doubt very much that this will get any traction at SmartThings.

Smart Lighting, for example, hasn’t been modified in ages, and when modified, I think the product team has a pretty tight focus…