Improvements to fix spikes during Sunrise and Sunset issue

About a month ago, Jeff Hagins shared some insight about platform stability,indicating the steps we have taken to improve the experience of the platform. We are pleased to announce the migration of customers to the new and improved scheduler implementation, that addresses the “Spike of SmartApp executions at Sunrise/Sunset issue”. The immediate benefits are improved performance in scheduled SmartApp executions during the peak sunrise and sunset hours. There also is a reduction in the number of late-executions and SmartApps that did not execute at all.

In addition to these changes, the the Cloud Platform team is committed to making continuous improvements along the way that will be benefit users.

Thank you for your continual support and enthusiasm for our platform.


Keep the improvements coming STs! Loving it!

Nice, I’m going to start moving some of the events back to sunrise/sunset with offsets and give it a spin!