Improvement Suggestions

  1. Have you fixed adding another smartphone or user, because it does not work?
  2. In the old app version we were able to choose, in the multi-motion sensor, what we wanted to display in the dashboard front page; by example not the motion but the temperature?
  3. Also, it would be nice to have some graphics option for the energy metering.
  4. Also, it would be nice to have more settings option like to change the size of the icon or to put them in the order we would like.
  5. Also, it would be nice to have page that looks like a remote control that we could program some scenario, ambience and/or shortcut.
  6. Also, it would be nice to have a dashboard that could scroll up hided to see all our things like big, custom status button and nicely.

We need more. The evolution of the smartthings app doesn’t grown fast enough. I’m looking Wink application and I’m tempted to by the hub and try it.

Please do something.
Thanks for the hard work, a lot of things remains to be done.


I agree with all your points. Especially #1 and @2. Adding a new user should be fixed tomorrow. Watch for the platform updates tomorrow.

As for Wink, I am not sure that is the lifeboat you’re looking for.


I mean this in the nicest possible way but, good luck. Seriously.

I’m not being mean, by all means go and try the Wink hub, you can usually pick one up for free occasionally. I have four. Spent over a year on Wink I believe in total. My one huge regret when I went to SmartThings? I spent over a year on Wink before I changed to SmartThings.

It’s always good to compare but ask the ex-Wink users on this forum and you’ll find the general consensus is good riddance.


Hey @Ben, Is this a solid estimate for the adding new users fix? A few months ago I received a shipment of 350 V1 Hubs for a new Apartment Community that we are constructing and the new user feature being disabled is keeping me up at night. We’re opening in a couple of weeks so the hubs are getting installed and we should be setting up our new residents soon after that.

We’ve invested a lot of money for smart homes in our community with SmartThings powering much of it and if this isn’t fixed soon we’ll be scrambling to give out master account access which is not ideal for such a large community.

I’m a huge SmartThings fan and pushing for it at more of our luxury communities, I hope we can avoid a disaster! :confused:


Hi @Ben, which tomorrow did you mean? There are quite a few customers wanting this option returned.

@ben , thank you for the update. Keeping us informed really is appreciated, even if it’s not shown in its entirety.

It also puts our minds at ease and let’s us find other things to send in help request about. :smile:

Real waste of 50.00 they are really no better in fact ST is leaps and bounds ahead of them.