Improved UI for Aeon Minimote

Okay, I’ve made two versions. Each have trade offs. Let me know what you think.

Option 1

The mode will not show on the list view unless I put it in the center of the large tile which just overlays the icon and looks messy. I could redo the icon to fix that.

Option 2

At the moment I can’t find a way to display the mode as a value tile without it messing up what you see on the list of Things. I can add as a value tile without that problem if I add it as anything but the top row. Example.

With this method you won’t see the current mode on the list view either.

EDIT: Updating to include link to the code for above.

Minimotes have stopped working for me using this DTH.

Edit: After pushing a tile button in the Classic App, the physical button is now working again. Have to check my others.

Does this DTH even work in the new app?

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Nope. What’s the alternative?