Impossible Cancel devices

Hi, I need some advice …
I wanted to reset all shellys to see if false ignitions can go away. I disassociated the account, but all the devices remained the same, even if they obviously don’t work. I can’t get rid of them even one by one. What to do? I try from new and old app, and from IDE but it’s impossible to delete

In the ST app? Was it in menu > settings > linked services?

yes, i try to connect, disconnect a lot of time, but 20 device Shelly not cancel but some devices remain. they don’t work, but I can’t delete them, I can only change their name and change this room, but not delete them, neither from app nor from IDE. if I reconnect Shelly service will be added an other a lot of device with you same name, but the wrong remain.

You may want to contact ST and provide them with the devices you want removed

no, now i try, I have never contact ST . Now all my domotic is stopped becouse i disconnect shelly for a little problem and now I have a big problem :frowning:

O my god, after 3 hours I retry for the 10-15 times… now work :slight_smile:

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