Important Changes to SmartThings Classic Login System

(MacTechGenius) #141

Nope, I am awaiting a response from support

(Steven) #142

The contact book is now being disabled. See the post that just announced this:

(JIm) #143

So I guess this means I can no longer just send push notifications to one person. My wife doesn’t like to get all the notifications that I get. But there are some she needs to get so I can’t turn it off all together.

(Jimmy) #144

Sounds like the workaround at this time is to use a text message when you want a person specific notification,


So, were you using the contacts? Or just using the main notifications? Just trying to figure out if I am going to have to redo all of my automations to get my notifications back. I am not using the contacts.

(Steve Jackson) #146

I was not using the contact book. Support verified that none of the rules were pulling info from the contact book.

-I migrated, my wife nor my tablet account did not.
-I am using the Classic app. Have never loaded the new app.
-I used my existing Samsung account which had the same email as my SmartThings account.
-I ended up with 2 owners. (Support said this would not matter)
-Push notifications continued to work for my wife and tablet but did not for my account.
-I tried just opening the notification rules and saving them but it did not work.
-I tried opening the ruless, changing, saving, changing back but it still did not work.
-I tried using text and don’t think it worked but was getting frustrated so that might have just been me.
-Support looked at the logs and said everything looked correct (I was not using the contact book).
-Support had me make sure that notifications were turned on for the ST app.
-Support had me uninstall and reinstall the classic app. It did not make a difference.
-The only way to get my push notifications to work was to recreate all the rules in question.

I only had a handful so it wasn’t terrible for me. If you have many, this is a PIA.

(Joern) #147

@oldcomputerwiz thanks for the very detailed description.
Can you add more than one phone number to get notifications by text (SHM for example). If I currently add my phone number on my phone to get a text notification for security alerts (for example) it shows the same number on my wife’s phone. Is this correct?

Currently that’s all a little bit confusing.

(Steve Jackson) #148

I think your saying the same rule when viewed on both your phone and your wife’s phone shows the same phone number. It would. As far as I can tell, you can only enter a single phone number to receive texts. I assumed if I wanted to send my bride the text too, I would have to create a second rule.

Webcore might allow more than one text message recipient.

(Lee Florack) #149

As far as I know (I’m about to test this due to ST’s removal of the Contact Book), in webCoRE, you can add multiple phone numbers to an SMS send command line by using a semi-colon (";") between them.


Thanks for the details. That was what I had feared.

Also, thank you for the steps you tried that didn’t work. Those would have been tried be me in about the same order.

Unfortunately, I have ALL kinds of notifications. Most are in smart apps and not in SHM.

I guess the other question is whether you have to re-link IFTTT, Google Home, Arlo, Alexis, and Webcore. I would assume so since you are changing your log in information.

(Brad) #151

No, you should not need to re-link any of those oauth integrations.

(Steve Jackson) #152

I did have to relink one service but it was an easy one. All I had to do was enter the new credentials. It might have been IFTTT or Sharptools. That was NOT a big deal at all.

(Joe) #153

I hope this app works by then. I have a dryer, washer, dishwasher, oven and refrigerator all connected and can’t do crap as they all say controller needs to be downloaded or updated and it fails at both. So i can see the devices and what the initial screen says but can’t open any because I get the controller issue. Would suck not to be able to open my smart things devices and only be able to see their state.


So, I waited till I got home to do the update. So far, have not had to update any routines as I am getting all my notifications (At least the ones I can manually trigger while still at home) That was a nice surprise.

The one odd thing is that, since I have an S8+, the classic and new app reside on my phone. The ST notifications come through on both apps now. Still not going to use the new app with ST. (unfortunately, it does natively control my bluetooth, so stuck with that for now).

Have not had any bugs other than duplicate notifications. How’s that for an opposite issue? LOL


You can disable the notifications on the new app side if you want to limit the amount you’re getting.

(Joe) #156

As predicted all my devices are useless except State. I get and error trying to press the decice and and error trying to send feedback or emial via the app. Great work!!! Oh and every mobile device I had a a presence sensor was in the old app like 10 of them. Yet the new app doesn’t allow phones as one anymore. This seems to be a huge step back for the community unless I am the only one that lost all ability to control devices with third party DTHs. I changed my garage to theirs and low and behold it works. What a sad day for this platform and those who invested in decided that have no default DTH like glass break device. Locks with codes, fans which is a big one! I know allot of people are at work but I can’t wait to see how widespread this is and samrtthings response. If they are not going to allow third part DTH,s their are better options out there for new people. Others just wasted their money on a device.

(Jimmy) #157

take a minute and breathe. It sounds like you started using the new app. You need to go back to using the Classic app.

(Joe) #158

It was the first thing in opened all devices are gone execpt a range and oven. Oh and 10 phone presence sensors 9 of with are 2 years to 3 months removed but back. No other device shows. One other thing funny they still respond thru Alexa or Google home.

(Jimmy) #159

have you tried changing your location in the Classic app?



Just saw that I actually have two home locations now. It does not appear to be causing any issues currently, but I would like to remove it if it is safe to do so. My account actually defaulted back to the correct Home location. So, I did not really even notice until a few hours ago when I logged into the IDE.