Important Changes to SmartThings Classic Login System


Roll-out? This is just the account migration. I’m still on the SmartThings classic app. That hasn’t changed. The only thing that’s different is that everything is on my Samsung account instead of a separate SmartThings account. That’s all that’s been rolled out to general users so-far.


The account migration banner just appeared in my SmartThings app on iOS. Now I am very concerned to break something, because I have a well working smart home with 80 devices in SmartThings (some of them are simulated switches), 18 device handlers and 9 smart apps including WebCoRE with approx. 60 pistons. I also have working connections to ActionTiles, Logitech Pop and IFTTT. How likely is it that something will break? Would it be better to wait a little bit until account migrations improves further?

Thanks for your feedback!

(jkp) #63

I doubt account migration will improve any further. I believe it is as good as it will get :slight_smile:

(Jimmy) #64

yup, just rip the bandaid

(Ricci Hoffer) #65

Go through your IDE GitHub Repositories and printscreen or write them down for your Smartapps and device handlers. If they didn’t fix the migration process there is a good chance you will be re-linking them to thier Repositories. It was a pain trying to find them again when I went through the account migration.


Thanks, but I am currently not using GitHub.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #67

I’d say quite likely something will break, but less likely than when you cut over to the new App.

Everyone should use SmartThings Classic as long as possible unless they have a very compelling benefit to the new App.


All of the issues with the Migration were annoying nuances (such as the GitHub repositories being removed, widgets disappearing, favorites from dashboard, phantom Home location). I listed the entire list of issues that occurred during the Account Migration Beta way up above.

None of which you listed above will be impacted from migrating everything in your SmartThings account over to a new Samsung account. Your devices, SmartApps, DHs, Routines and Pistons will be fine…These were not the problem areas of anyone’s migration.

You can use the same email address / pw when prompted to setup your Samsung account.

As was stated above though. Continue using the SmartThings Classic app. Do not mess with the NEW App. If you want things to continue to work as is for you and not introduce any issues with your existing environment, leave the new app alone for now.

(Brad) #69

All custom device handlers and SmartApps will migrate as well as connections to repos. If you believe a repo failed to migrate or if you encounter any other issues, please contact support for assistance.

(Ricci Hoffer) #70

I was in the first beta group. I am glad they got the GitHub portion figured out. It took me a couple hours to hunt down and relink everything.

(Mike Thomas) #71

I’m about to take a month-long trip where I will have internet access, but will not have the ability to power cycle the hub if things go bad.

Should I be worried?

(Jimmy) #72

Account migrations or which app you use doesn’t affect the hub functionality

(Mike Thomas) #73

Cool, thanks, so I only have to worry about the “usual” things that might cause the hub go become unresponsive.

(Jason) #74

I went through the account migration yesterday and the only thing that broke is the unsupported Contact Book. I was able to re-enable it on the IDE, but my shared account isn’t there. I’m assuming it is because she hasn’t migrated yet. So for now she is going to get sms from webcore instead of push notifications.

My dashboard did change the order of cards, but no big deal there.

GitHub integration still works like a charm.


I did and they were able to restore all my repo’s for me.


I did the migration during the last weekend. It was a bit rough, but it worked. I started the migration on my iPhone, created a new Samsung account (I didn’t have one), but that changed nothing on my iPad. So there might have been a migration error. I started the process again on my iPad and used my now existing Samsung account and that finally worked. I had to reconfigure my widgets on both devices, but other than that my smart home is up and running.

(Sergio Ferreira) #77

Any idea when everyone’s account will be migrated?

(chris) #78

Maybe they’ve scrapped this idea?
Who knows…

(Sergio Ferreira) #79

Any idea when this migration will be done?

(Paul) #80

It’s taking a while isn’t it? Maybe they’re being done by hand :wink: