Important Changes to SmartThings Classic Login System

(Brad) #41

I would consider it a one-off. I am unsure of what state things were in post-migration but they look correct now.

The initial rollout was to a fraction of the userbase but has been very successful. Only a handful of users have experienced an error and we have been able to quickly address those users.

(Jimmy) #42

Brad, do you know what the approach will be for users that end up with two locations in the new app? Whether its from already having a samsung appliance, magically created, etc? Is that plan for them to stay with two locations, or is there something support can do to merge them?

(Brad) #43

It is worth noting that if prior to migration, you signed into the new SmartThings or Connect app, that will have created a Home location which can seem like a phantom location post-migration. The number of users who experience this is low but will likely be higher for community members. Customer support can help with these empty locations.

(Jimmy) #44

What about users that have an existing location with Samsung appliances? Can support merge the two?

(Brad) #45

That is likely a case-by-case basis. Locations cannot be merged but I believe some appliances can be moved from one location to another in the new SmartThings app.

(Jimmy) #46

Just tried it with my Powerbot. Will see if it keeps working and then email support about deleting the extra location. :crossed_fingers:

(Joel W) #47

I am a little confused on something. When I go to IDE I have a choice of either SmartThings Account or Samsung. Is the Samsung the one where I have my TV and Radius speakers registered? And if yes is that the user name and password I will use when I am told to transition?

(Brad) #48

Currently you have a SmartThings and a Samsung account within SmartThings. When you migrate, you are welcome to move from the SmartThings account to the Samsung account. But you can also pick any Samsung account you would like, including creating an entirely new Samsung account.

(JIm) #49

I too would still like to know the answer to this question.


This was in my summary of issues from the account migration beta. There was never a definitive answer/resolution to this, but some users reported that shared accounts didn’t show if the main account migrated, and some reported that even after they migrated and family members hadn’t, the shared accounts still showed up. @prjct92eh2 could answer this better as he was one of the people with shared accounts.

(Jimmy) #51

I migrated back in the beta, but my wife’s account still hasn’t.


But her account is still associated appropriately correct?

That was the original ask above in that people are worried if they migrate but other shared users don’t get migration banner on the same day as the primary account, the shared users won’t be associated.

(Brad) #53

Users, including shared users, are independent of each other. So an owner may receive the migration banner and migrate before shared users but this should not be problematic. Similarly, a shared user could migrate before an owner.

(Joel W) #54

Thanks brad, that explains it.

(Jimmy) #55




(Jimmy) #57

Figured this out. I moved the Samsung appliance to my SmartThings location. Confirmed it still worked in the new app. This left the legacy Samsung connect location empty. I then went into the IDE, edited the SmartThings location to be my default. The IDE then let me delete the Connect location. And confirmed in both apps that location no longer shows


They are in no way corrected, at least for me. I have no github link and I can’t re-add them. I’m considering scrapping my whole setup this is the EXACT fear that I had that I was assured by everyone wouldn’t happen. I couldn’t be more disappointed with SmartThings.

(chris) #59

I’m disappointed too.
The new Smartthings (Samsung Connect) app came preinstalled on my Galaxy S8.
Like Bixby, it’s never worked properly and still doesn’t.
The old Smartthings Classic app doesn’t work properly or reliably anymore either, very often it fails to load.
I had an email last week telling me I’d need to upgrade my smartthings login to use a Samsung Account soon.
When is soon???
I’d say two or three days maybe?
The Gear S2 app was promised soon.
So was the Gear S3 app.
So was the activation of Bluetooth.
Am I the only person who currently has two broken apps?
Did the update banner fail to appear for me and have I somehow missed the promised update?
Has anyone else updated yet?
Can we get a clearer picture of how this update is going please?
As has already been proven, soon can mean anything from now until never.

(Mike) #60

I cant speak for all your issues but as far as the roll out is going it is being done in small sections, some members have had one or two issues but on the main it appears the transition is going ok

I have not recieved a note yet to move and my guess is most have also not, if they had you would be reading about it more on the forum with tales of success or woe

So just hang in there and await the magic banner