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Important changes to Community Code Submissions and Developer Discussions

(fightingmajor) #62

Ah so glad I’ve been somewhat preparing for this. Most of the things in at least one of my locations (and my main one) are universal. I could dump ST right now and my stuff would work almost exactly as it does with ST. Since Samsung took over, a downward spiral has been pretty obvious. The whole oh hey we can’t tell you about what’s coming is bs. The things you have talked about that are coming have yet to happen cough cough Extend. We are use to the horrible timelines that are announced. In the next few weeks, coming soon blah blah blah. Treat your dedicated users like crap will eventually come back to bite you in the rear. It really just a matter of time before something better comes along. But in the meantime feel free to keep throwing out those empty promises, taking things away and just plane breaking things. When the community leaves, you won’t have to worry about being bothered by submissions people create to make your product better for users, there won’t be anyone left.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #63

that was a damn nice phone… even if I was scared to put in my pocket, or next to my head, or on the charger, or to walk out of the room.

(Dan P Parker) #64

So do I. I’m betting that if I dropped a Note 7 into it the resulting blast would cause a crater the size of a city block.

(Brian Diehl) #65

Or the 2 of them together would just nullify each other.

(Geko) #66

Oh no… So that must be the “pudding” they’ve been working on - a battery leak sensor. :smile:

(Brian Diehl) #67

It’s battery operated though… and only detects if it’s own batteries leak.

(Dan P Parker) #68

Party pooper.

(Chris) #69


That kind of stuff is mostly for the security aspect, which I know you don’t use. But all those battery operated window and door sensors are often things that people do want working when the power has gone out.

Of course, the notification part doesn’t work when Internet isn’t available, so… :wink:

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #71

yeah… well there is that… but I just can’t put batteries in things that aren’t using them… crazy thing happens… they leak.

and yeah… that whole notification thing…

when the power is out your security system will only work in the capacity of a security monitor. If there is a security issue, your hub will monitor its progress.

( I hate Mondays) #72

Like so?

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #73

Come on, they can’t even tell if a device battery has died. I have a ton of devices still at 1%. Been that way forever. #notsosmartthings

Cost me a lot of money at a house in WY that froze but the person I had monitoring it thought it was still warm. Turns out better you in sensor had died months before. Oh the irony…

(Realy Living Dream) #74

(Geko) #75

I warned them not to buy Samsung appliances, but they didn’t listen. :slight_smile:

(Jimmy) #76

So to sum this post up, nothing with community code submissions will change? When was the last time community submitted code was actually approved and released to the marketplace? This is the same as the no-migration announcement on January 13th - formally admitting something we all knew along. Nobody likes bad news, but I’d rather have ST come out and say something than just sitting in silence longer.

Now with all that said, I’m not a developer. I haven’t spent hours developing a SmartApp hoping it would get approval. The most time I’ve spent is a couple hours copying and pasting for Ask Alexa. So i’m sure it does sting for the real developers out there that have a lot of time and energy put into their code. From a high level, nothing changes from the way SmartThings has operated in the past 6 months. My $0.02

(Steve White) #77

This is where you are potentially wrong. If SmartThings continues to pull back further support from developers, for which is another step towards, developers will become increasingly disenfranchised with the platform. If developers abandon SmartThings, you will be impacted, maybe not for 6 months, or a year, but eventually you will feel it. This is why you should be concerned. This has happened in the past, search for posts on Rule Machine and the impact it had here.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #78

Here is my two cents.

St was built on an idea of an open platform is best.

Early adopters built smartapps and device type to fill the gaps on this open platform

We quickly pointed out all the weaknesses of the platform. Lack of a real API, broken simulator, poor functioning ide.

They gave us GitHub integration, albeit a broken and over reaching permissions requirements.

They promised and showed HTML solutions

They promised and showed a command line interface.

They promised and showed an atom plugin.

Fundamentally, developing on st has exposed the significant limitations.

Now, as a company st has a choice to make. 90% or more of their customers are not going to write code, install code via ide (except maybe core and a few others) and just want to do basic stuff.

When the other 10% of us that are developers who leverage the open platform beyond st expectation it drains resources like mad. St makes zero revenue from their community developers. In fact they make the same amount on a user regardless if they develop.

This is a simple economic decision. St will close off the platform. That is what @slagle is so “excited” about.

How will they close it off?

More closed source solutions ala SHM built internally and not available to community to build off of.

Release a restricted API (ala Sonos) that does not give all functionality of a smartapp.

Further restrict smartapps by permission modeling or other restrictions.

Additional execution limits, rate limiting, etc on smartapps.

These will be guised in exciting new options. But in my personal opinion, St has already made the decision to begin the cut off of the outside community developer and shift focus to providing these services in house and for money to 3rd party integration.

This is the natural evolution of a consumer based business.

It has been a fun ride. But change is coming.

Just remember the “guard rails” remark. This is what they have been working on for months. How to reduce the burden community code has on their platform.

Of course, if we could run code on our own hubs, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Well. St please prove me wrong. From where I sit, a big door is closing, and you are just telling us a smaller door might be opening soon, but we can’t talk about it.

Slagle is the only one left having anything to do with the community developers. And I highly doubt his 60-70 hours a week are spent solely on community developer issues.

Compare that to how many program and product managers they have working with integration partners and you can see the writing on the wall.

St is the only cloud based Home automation platform you can execute arbitrary code on, for sale in the consumer space. At some point if you are the only one, you have to ask, is this a good thing or bad thing? We all believe it to be a good thing, but without anyone else from st in a leadership role speaking on behalf of this, we can conclude they have other priorities.

At this point. St has to have one goal. Make money. Everytime I hear we are only focusing on reliability, swap that word for revenue.

This is not a bad thing… (Unless you are a community developer). This will mean the platform has a better chance to survive.

Just my two cents. I could be wrong.

(Joel W) #79

I think you all are overthinking this. Chances are they are just prioritizing to make them run more efficiently. I know the whole world is into conspiracy theory, but it will eat your insides out. Just wait and see, and write corporat, with you feelings. If someone would find their corporate email we can make a petition and everyone just add their name.

(Robin) #80

I don’t think this is an anti-developer conspiracy.

I’m thinking a paid App Store is on the cards, there’s a reason the ‘marketplace’ was named what it is.

If ST takes 15-20% revenue they will get paid for reviewing apps rather than doing it for free as per the old model.

(Eric) #81

I thought doing the developer call and getting community delivered apps was part of the vision…

Maybe @Alex was doing all of the reviews and since he doesn’t show up for work they have to stop them.