Important changes to Community Code Submissions and Developer Discussions

But hey, at least there is official NEST support… Oh wait, nevermind.

Guess it really is just a logo change, 2.5 years. and all we get is a blue logo. Guess the packaging printing will be cheaper.

And, don’t forget about that amazing API that ST wants to let us use. Or the security fixes for oauth2 endpoints that can use any capability if you authorize even just one.

Yeah, lots of things “Coming soon”… “In a matter of weeks”… I guess we know why Slagle canceled the conference calls… Nothing to talk about for months (and probably months more).

It’s a joke really. This is the new ST, zero support, zero new… Just same ol, same old. Over promise, never deliver.

Until then, prove me wrong…


At least 2.5 years ago they were promising specific features. Now it’s just vague teasers of “great and exciting things” coming to the hub near you in a few weeks. Boring… :grin:

Well, you got one of your wishes delivered. Keep the conversation going so they push out more changes.


No kidding! It took only 4 years, but looks like iPad support is finally here. :smiley:

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Well, one thing, a tablet interface, which was the easiest thing to technically do, but given how hard it was politically inside ST (assuming)… Given that timeline, I’m sure the rest of the stuff is coming in the next 4 years.

But seriously, the lack of communication AHEAD OF TIME!!! that UI changes are coming that effect developers is the real continuous disappointment.

Of course, they regressed font rendering in a bunch of tile layouts (AGAIN for the Nth time)… Same ol, same old…

“Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of Little Minds” - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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It’s actually the things that appear easy that usually end up being the hardest to solve at scale.

Lot’s of things in the latest release. Full list over here.



We have submitted the ImperiHome SmartApp (Plugin) 4 months ago - since them, no news or feedback on on when it will get published ?

How can we make it moving forward ?

The ImperiHome team


Referencing Tim (@slagle ) to see if he can help :slight_smile:
I’m currently using ImperiHome on 4 Tablets and would love to have SmartThings integration :wink:

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As outlined in the first post in this thread, we are not accepting new (non-partner) submissions at this time.

If you want to request a partnership, please fill out a request at



Is there any chance you’d consider releasing your ST SmartApp for Imperihome as Open Source? Most of us are very familiar with installing custom SmartApps in the ST IDE for our accounts. This would at least get you some feedback on how well your product works with SmartThings from a group of people that are very knowledgeable on the platform. You might also generate some revenue from the App/Play Store sales!


Just randomly wondering if you guys have a timeline to resume evaluations. It’s been a few months already.

We have some stuff coming up that is exciting. All I’ll say right now is keep a look out for news at the next few developer/tech conferences.


It’s been a few more months, what’s going on?

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What’s this mean in terms of ImperiHome?

Is this an App that was submitted? I am not familiar.

From what I’ve read in this thread it looks like it was submitted in April.

So…over a year later and where do we stand on this? I have thousands of dollars invested around ST and would like to purchase some more stuff, but have stopped because developers cannot integrate anymore.

I am sure you have some grand plan, but you are taking way too long to share.

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I am real worried about the new changes coming. I have not been told to upgrade to the new app yet but I can tell you that 90% of my devices and smart apps are custom built by myself and a few others. If custom isn’t supported going forward my entire automated home and work systems will be offline. I too have thousands invested. I will have to find a new hub to support and start all over if this happens. It has be concerned.


I don’t have more information than you, but I’m pretty sure it will be possible to continue to have custom devices & apps. It’s already available if you want to build in-cloud devices or in-cloud apps.

My hope will be an integration of new technologies like dotnet core for running locally in the hub…