Implementation ideas for responding to build system failures

We use the Jenkins build tool for our projects at work. We also have a Smarthings hub and strobe light. I’d like to trigger the strobe light when the build system fails. Currently the build system sends an email to our corporate email accounts.

Does anyone have ideas for how to have the build failure event trigger an action in Smarthings?


So many options…two that immediately spring to mind:

  • curl to a http:// end-point - requires a bit of coding, but sounds
    like that shouldn’t be an issue.

  • e-mail to IFTTT to a virtual switch tile - no coding, just
    configuring, but adds e-mail and IFTTT latency.

Thanks for responding.
I tried the IFTTT route. You’re right the latency is more than I’d like.
I’ll try curl next.

I think I saw a smartapp in the ide that mentioned jenkins. I haven’t looked at it myself and finding it (like finding anything in the ide) will be a bit painful but there might be something there you can use as a starting point.

I didn’t find an existing Jenkins app in the ide, but I did successfully create an endpoint in Smartthings that turns a switch on and off. I can access it from a shell script that sends a PUT request. Took longer than I thought, but, all in all, it works. It’s my first Smartthings app. Pretty basic, but I’m psyched nevertheless.