Image Carousel - Amazon 'Access Denied'

As of this morning, I’ve noticed that my image carousel isn’t working properly - having checked the logs I’m seeing the following error: Access Denied (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 403; Error Code: AccessDenied; Request ID: 1750632AE54BCE38), S3 Extended Request ID: f1/R6gPmp7bJNrJjz/KyacjKOmD8HQrpJnbKoU/nV2L4ooh2RlBkqD5b6UFbWMh8+LN54LNUMdc=

Anybody else noticed this when trying to save S3 images to the carousel?

It looks like the Image Carousel / device stored images are down in eu01. I’m digging in FWIW

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The issues should be resolved. Let me know if you are still seeing problems.


The issue looks resolved from my app.

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