I'm so honored!

Thank you.
Thank you.
I would like to thank my dog, Dug.
Well, because he’s my dog, and his name is Dug.
I would like to thank my not-a-dogs, because those cats keep it real by ensuring my motion sensors are working.
I would like to thank home depot for having the batteries that my not-a-dogs ran down quickly.
I would like to thank my wife for not killing Alexa.
I would like to thank songs for taking my side and protecting Alexa when my wife was going to kill her.
I would like to thank @JDRoberts for always ensuring I was never quite right… You rock man!
I would like to thank all of the developers that give me something to do.
I would like to thank my job, for keeping my boss in Atlanta so I can be on this forum all of the time instead of actually working.
I’d like to thank @SBDOBRESCU for listening to my rants via pm.
I’d like to thank @slagle and @jody.albritton for listening to my rants publicly and not banning me.
I’d like to thank @ady624 for programming faster than I can think and fit showing me that logic I think is the easy way is always the hardest way! .
And finally I’d like to thank smartthings for being such an addictive, fun, challenging, frustrating, wonderful thing!

EDIT: I would like to throw out a second big thank you to. @JDRoberts for being the first response to this post, by performing an EDIT! Lol


Hey, I “liked” it before I edited it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And all I did was put it in a category. My brain can’t remember where it is if it’s not categorized.

Like my favorite T-shirt says:

No, it’s not OCD. I’m an engineer. :wink:




Google Now deemed this thread important to read, I hope you feel even more honoured!


Holy crap! Now I’m super honored!

Where did you see that at?

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Yup thats the most important smarthome related post accordion to google now, congratz!

Right on top of my left swipe Google Now news stories! Yup, you beat out Elon Musk

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I got it too.

Bet when I do my anniversary post Google won’t care.

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Hope your boss in Atlanta doesn’t read Google Now. LOL


I was also brought here from Google now, congrats!

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And the honors continue! I’m on fire!