I'm so confused...new Routines message

So this new message has showed up in the app. It says, “To set up a routine, tap the gear…”

Normally, I would think that “set up” in that context meant to create a new routine. But to do that, you tap the + at the top of the screen, not a gear icon.

Does this message mean “to change an existing routine, tap the gear icon by that routine”? ( in which case, I would suggest changing the message to “To set up a routine, tap its gear icon”

Or does it mean something else altogether?

Or is this message one that is supposed to appear as part of first time set up? In which case does this mean something else is goofy on my account and it thinks I’m a brand-new customer?

I’m very confused…



I haven’t seen this on my iPad JD. I’ll be watching for the answer you get back.

Did you just upgrade your app? It should only show once per customer, per new installation/first upgrade to the version that shows implements this.

I agree gear is the wrong nomenclature and will send this feedback to the UX team.

Once you dismiss you won’t see it again.