I'm half way in the water might as well swim. I'm going CoRE

(Cody Farmer) #1

So after 8 months of buying, building, learning, creating, home automations in my first home I think it’s time to automate with some bigger guns. I’ve used core a long time ago and I probably could of read a Chinese novel and understood that more. But now that I’ve been involved and made a fun entertaining hobby I’m starting to understand core now and I see its endless possibilities but it’s going to take me some time with everyone’s help to really get a handle on this. So I’d like to explain my set up and if there’s advise on the methods to do the things I want via core that would be great because I’m going to do the final switch over.
My system= ST, 4 echos, harmony/w touch remote, 14 color hue, ge zwave paddle switches, garage door opener, sonos, Samsung tv, smoke alarm,zwave outlets. Smart apps ask alexa, big talker and a few others. My daily operations that I will change because of my removal of shm. Routine called LIGHTS, activates our primary light set up, disables alarm, sets mode home, will not trigger when in home mode. This is triggered via our cell phone presence or livingroom motion. Routine SHUTDOWN as the name says I use this when there’s no motion for 45 minutes or cell phones are gone. This arms/away the security turns everything off I may have forgot and makes sure the garage is closed. Security from shm is window contacts and certain doors or motion send me a txt and lights start flashing or sonos does things if opened. Routine SLEEPWALKER, I use this late at night to get to the fridge. A couple lights turn on low dim, motion changes armed/home which is similar. Then my last main routine is BACK TO BED, this is the return state of my kitchen run, after a certain time of night after only 2 minutes no motion all the lights turn back off kind of like shutdown but changes to night and armed home. I have some other routines but these are the main ones that govern my daily life so I need to start reading some other core case senerios to fit what I want to do. I’ll need to start slow but first one will be how to replace shm. Security things like flash lights pink and send me a txt if kitchen window opens while away.

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #2

I would gladly pay you Tuesday for some smaller text chunks today. :slight_smile: lol

Notice, I did not say ‘less text’.
i.e. the amount of text is fine, but my brain is just overreacting to seeing it all globbed together in one big lump. :slight_smile:

(Cody Farmer) #3

Thanks for advise. Me not smart enough for core. Me must read more and tinker to learn. 30 minute lunch and I had to get it out.

(Dan P Parker) #4

Go for it. We’ll lay down suppressing fire.

(Cody Farmer) #5

I have to do this now while the WAF factor is at an all time high with the sonos, touch remote and country music lol. I’ve been reading for a good hour now and am starting to wrap my head around it finally. I’ll pick an automation to change and start my hands on learning there. Tonight I’ll build the piston that turns on my garage light via door contact but won’t turn the light off until the door opens and closes for a second time. Baby steps.