I'm getting notifications that my sensor too hot when it's not

I can’t figure it out . I went into each sensor and all of them say it’s about 75 degrees,yet I’m getting this notification. Why?

@iHavequestions We could use a bit more detail here, sensor type, manufacture, etc.

Can you copy and paste the error that you are receiving?

I’ll take a screenshot next time. But pretty much, in my iOS notification center, it just says something like “Sensor is too hot” and when I tap on it, it just brings me to my Things screen.

Where do you have the sensor installed? Also do you have a 2nd Sensor of the same type? If so, swap them to see if the problem follows the sensor.

I haver never run into this myself, I have around 40 + devices at this point.

You never did state what the manufacture of the sensor was? And what type of sensor.