I'm Back routine does not disarm alarm

I have noticed when I come home late at night my I’m back routine fails to properly disarm my alarm. I am using Smart Alarm and do not have any issues except at night. It does not seem to matter if the I’m Back routine is manually or automatically executed.

What will happen is the I’m Back routine runs; everything seems fine. Lights come on, Iris Keypad stops beeping. I am well past the 90 second entry delay at this point. Then suddenly the alarm trigegrs and my siren is going off and all lights are on. The alert I get says the alarm was triggered by the garage door when I initially came home.

Any ideas?

Post a Screen Shot of your Disarm Rule

Not much to it. The routine gets triggered one of three ways: Manually from phone, from keypad entry, or automatically with Tasker. The night in question I did it manually from phone. The routine changes the mode to Home. Smart alarm is set to trigger alarm when in away or night mode.

Try adding a repeater within 30ft of your alarm. Most alarms are beaming devices and can miss an event if a repeater with a buffer isn’t there to hold the message. The hub transmits and doesn’t confirm receipt.


I have a few outlets that function as a repeater. I will have to check their location

I have the same issue and repeater isn’t a solution. There must be a bug in the SmartThings classic app, disabling alarms only works by clicking on the icon, but the rules are not programmed properly :frowning:

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my issue seems to have resolved its self

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