I'm back mode

Hello everyone, i am new user of smartthings home security. It seems everything work fine except two issues:

  1. Some time when i arrive the away mode does not changes to home mode before i entry to home so i have to disarm manually to cancel alarm . I use my phone as presence sensor. Tried to change the minimum away time to zero or 1 but still not enough time . Can you help me how to set up automatic ‘’ I am back ''mode ?
  2. I am trying to add my wife phone as second user but during registration process i never receive confirmation email from smartthings. And no email in spam or blocked folders. Actually I need use her phone just as arrival sensor. My question is can we use one account for two phone and will it work ?

People get varying results with presence sensors. Some have good results using a cell phone as a presence sensor; some not. I use an Android phone and haven’t had a single problem. If you search, you’ll see there are many discussions about them.

Start here: FAQ: The Many Ways of Detecting Presence

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I use the I’m back routine everyday. I don’t use my phone as a presence though. My routine is set to time instead.

I use 2 iphone 6’s as presence sensors with minimal issues. With respect to I’m Back, I had the same issue with the alarms sounding when I arrived home. I trigger the I’m Back Routine based upon the geofence diameter. I had the geofence set to the minimum diameter which didn’t allow enough time for the routine to complete before I physically arrived at home. I increased the diameter of the geofence to about 2 city blocks. I haven’t had an issue of the alarm sounding since this change.

If you use webcore, the webcore presence sensor is much more customisable and seems to be more reliable (loads on your phone and then uses your phone for presence)

Thank you all for quick replays