IKEA Trådfri

You just need the bulbs! The five button remote can pair with ST but I do not think there is any DH yet.


I got the motion sensor to Pair… thats a start.

Had to click the button on the back a few times to get it to see it. BUT in the process I managed to kill one of my Hue bulbs as the motion sensor paired with it and stole it off smart things. argh! I’ll get it back once the hue hub arrives.

me too. frustrating.

Hi. You say that the GU10 bulbs fit your fittings, do you know what the dimensions of the bulb are by any chance?

My fittings are quite tight with led gu10’s so not sure if they will fit?


I think it’s definitely worth me turning off all of my Hue lights when I finally get the switch.

Does it work as motion sensor yet or does it need a DH?

It needs a DH tried all the other ones to see if any would pick it up but nothing did.

Is the bulb that comes with the motion sensor dimmable with ST? Guess it but does not say anything about dimple on Ikea´s swedish page.

it’s dimmable but it’s not a color temperature bulb

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right one is a standard gu10 halogen from Osram https://www.osram.com/osram_com/products/lamps/halogen-lamps/halopar/halopar-16-gu10gz10-star/index.jsp

The IKEA one is about 5cm in diameter and it’s about 6cm tall

Perfect, thanks for the reference picture. I think it maybe too long for my fixture :frowning:

Thanks for the response!

@magnil maybe i should add that it’s an assumption based on that the bulb included is the E27 1000 lumen one which it appears to be reading the technical information


I can confirm that the bulb that comes with the motion sensor is only dimmable, no temperature control. (TRADFRI bulb E27 opal 1000lm)

I am having a strange issue with one of my bulbs. When I set colour temperature to 4000, it stays at that level for some time and then keeps fluctuating between 2200 and 2700.

Edit: I see this happens with both the ikea bulbs I have.

Another notable difference is the Ra/CRI value. The IKEA bulbs that are not temperature adjustable have a higher Ra/CRI value of >90, whereas the temperature adjustable bulbs only have a Ra/CRI value of >80.

I’ve got a CoRe piston set up to “Adjust Level By” 20 and -20, in both cases the lights seem to go up about 10% or more then either go up or down by the correct amount, so basically they’ll always flash really bright when doing it.

I know it might not be a DTH issue necessarily, but was wondering if there were any pointers into the right direction of what might be causing it?

Further to my above post, from some tests I conducted, I see this issue mostly occurs when the bulb is turned on using the brightness slider like below instead of using the ON command.

set bulb to 100%

Just turning ON and OFF seems to hold the colour temperature setting.

Also after the lights are turned off, the bulbs colour temperature goes back to 2200K in some time.

Hi. Did you need the ikea hub or can the lamps connect direct to the smartthings hub? Thanks

You connect the lamps directly to the SmartThings hub.
No IKEA hub needed.

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Sorry, been on holiday - here are the full specs: http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/lighting/smart-lighting/trådfri-led-bulb-gu10-400-lumen-wireless-dimmable-white-spectrum-art-00318292/

As Edvald has shown, larger than the smallest halogen GU10s, but smaller than the Hues, and about the same as the LED ones I’ve used in the past.

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