Ikea Tradfri Wireless control outlet kit and button now working with SmartThings (July 2019)

The ikea devices are zigbee 3.0 . I don’t believe they work with the Nvidia shield link model, but you can check with support to be sure.

Suddenly the SmartThings Link hasn’t received the FW yet what is required for the IKEA devices. They only work with v2 and v3 Hubs.

Just got the Ikea button recently and paired it to my hub v2. But it’s acting weird. Each time I press the button it will turn on or off all my xiaomi zigbee smart plug. Any idea why it’s doing this?

It is an issue of the group binding.

Try to remove the button, then unplug all the Xiaomi zigbee smart plugs and try to add the remote again.

It would might solve the issue.

Otherwise look at this topic and post:

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Only just found this post. Brilliant… Now the Ikea button is properly useful. Thank you very much.

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Just found this too. Helped me setup my dimmers for use in smartthings. Awesome!

Tried this, but once I plug Xiaomi’s smart plug back in, they still continue to get controlled by the Ikea button…

@qbasob or @heinoskriver:
Did you get anywhere with this? It would be awesome if we could get release working on the buttons.

Thank you in advance