Ikea Tradfri Wireless control outlet kit and button now working with SmartThings (July 2019)

There happened to be an iPhone in the house (nobody’s perfect) so I just installed SmartThings on it to give it a go. Looks like it works perfectly with the two-button remote.

So it looks like the issue I had is just with the Android app. @ykhehra1 am I correct in thinking that you are using an Android device when you get the app crash?

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Answering my own questions again - I’ve just seen @ykhehra1 's screenshot in another thread and it is indeed an Android device (and 5 button remote). So it’s the Android app where the problem lies.


@JDRoberts is correct. The device isn’t WWST certified but the initial integration is there and is hopefully fully functional for most people.

@MusicLoverUK I sent you a PM to get some more information about the issue you’re seeing. I just tried and wasn’t able to reproduce the crash on Android.


Any particular reason other Ikea devices are WWST but not the remotes?

Just the process, the DTH comes first and then it goes through certification.


Hi Tom. I’ve PM’d you the full details. Thanks for your help and if you need anything else let me know.


Yes, my phone is Android, since it is samsung phone my smartthings app even got new update few days ago from samsung app store which wasn’t available on google play store then.

One thing i want to mention that i don’t have any ikea tradfri bulb but other brands, i am not sure if on clicking ‘+’ sign it look for tradfri bulb and crash on finding none. i am new to smartthings so not sure if it matter what brand bulb it is as long as its zigbee. My aqara cube and 2x switch works ok with different brand bulbs.

Bulb brand doesn’t matter.

I can get the button to perform on/off and dimmer function, any way to use the button to change color? May be using the button to scroll thru a set of pre-configured color?

I ended up making a Webcore piston to pick a random color. could probably do the same to cycle through specific colors.


Thanks for the tip, I opted for adjusting hue in increments/decrements so I can take advantage of both buttons on each side and also having a more predictable result.

Now only if I can get it to do a continuous change on button hold. I found a button controller that fires continuously with button hold but it looks like it only works as a dimmer.

I’m also seeing the crash in the Android app.

Does this work with the Wireless Dimmer (the white knob) as well?

yes, the ikea dimmer knob also works with SmartThings. It is integrated as a dimmer switch.

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Have the button working nicely now, great job! Currently using it in the “Smart Lighting” automation to turn on/off, but is there a way to use it as a dimmer? I.e. hold one button to dim up, and the other button to dim down? Or single click to start dim, click again to stop

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Pair the 5 button remote without any problem. I can assign both press and hold action on all button except the on/off (middle button). It always recognize as press action.

Also bought the outlet ket with on/off button. It pair perfectly and both press/hold can be assigned.

Good work ST team and Ikea.

The nonworking Osram button can be paper weight now.


I just started my first steps into SmartThings with the Tradfri bulbs and 5 buttons item. I successfully added it with the Classic app and then controlled with the new one.

I see the 5 buttons, press and hold and dimmer action.

But I couldn’t understand how to make the dimmer work on multiple presses. When you use the button directly with the build, the top/bottom actions are for dimming in 10-15% gaps, and long presses will sequence it. Is there a way to make it work through the hub too?

can the buttons control anything then and not just the tradfri lights?

correct, anything in SmartThings. But if using the new app, you are subject to its current limitations around unlocking locks and controlling STHM.

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Yep, android and buttons only work thru automation. Yes it works but it ain’t pretty

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