IKEA TRADFRI vs. Aqara Wall Switch (single gang with neutral) problem

I need some help with Aqara Single Wall Switch (With Neutral).

I have this switch associated with Smartthings HUB with custom device handler. I also have some IKEA TRADFRI On/Off Button. All of these works fine, but any IKEA Buttons controls the Aqara switch! If I press IKEA “I” button, the Aqara turns on, If I press the “O”, it’s turns off.

Somebody met this problem?
Can I send a raw command to switch to turn a whatever parameter to disable this?
What can I try?

That’s the facts:

  • If I remove the IKEA button from smartthings, it’s continue controls the Aqara switch
  • If I unplug the LAN cable from ST, button still controls the switch (so it’s runs locally)
  • If I unplug the power from ST, button stops controlling the switch anymore (so it’s controls via the HUB)
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Not to hijack…which DTH did you use for the button? Link? I just bought a couple.

For the IKEA, I use the officially DTH, for the Aqara switch, I haven’t been found on the internet right now, but I committed to github:

I modified the original DTH, because it’s used child devices, but I needed only one, because of thw number of buttons I have.