Ikea Tradfri Panel 30x30 problems!


I own a Ikea Tradfri Panel 30x30 for my bathroom.Two days ago I’ve managed to install it in my Smartthings V3 Hub using the Smartthings Connect App. Since yesterday i saw that my Panel was always offline and not responding to any command.I’ve removed it from app with the thought to add it once again, but I cannot add it anymore.I’ve made a lot of “6 times-reset” on it but with no success.The search does not find anything.

Do you guys know any tip and trick to re-add it again in my Smartthings App.I don’t understand what’s the problem…

Please, any advice it’s good!

Thank you,

If you only have that one ikea product installed, the easiest method might be to remove the entire ikea integration and reinstall. You can do this by going to the three bars in the upper left of the screen, click on Settings (the cog), select Connected services and swipe left on ikea and choose delete. Then go through the same steps to add ikea back.

If you have multiple ikea devices using the ikea integration , that method may not make sense. At this point, contacting ST support may be a better approach and ask for their assistance.


I’ve moved the Hub closer to the Float Lamp. After this move, it paired successfully, but still, i cannot understand why first time worked and second time did not…

Thank you anyway