IKEA tradfri outlet

Doesn’t work recently. Quite annoying. Seems no one who recently got one in the past week or so can connect new ones.

Had some troubles too, but it turned out to be me not hitting the small switch in the hole correctly… You should hear a click when it goes into pairing mode…?
And be sure to have ST in “searching for new devices” mode while you do it…

I am definately pressing the switch and watching the led respond to the reset. But I think the consensus is to NOT press the button while in pairing mode but to wait a few seconds after the resey before you put the hub into pairing mode

I have 3 of these working off the hub. the hub detected them in pairing mode as just an unknown devic
e… had to go to the IDE and tell the hub it was a zigbee on/off switch… I bought them just before xmas. I didn’t check what firmware was on them

I have 3 working as well from a few weeks ago, but the 2 latest purchased two days ago will not show up at all in pairing mode.

The firmware on the 3 working outlets is Version: 0x14020610

I just checked mine is 0x14020610 as well! I’ll be hading over to ikea tomorrow i’ll pick up another and see,

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ok so I just got them both to pair! All I did differently was to follow AnubizDK’s advice and put the hub into pairing mode first then pressed the reset button for 10 seconds, then it took about another 10-20 seconds and they showed up.

Maybe samsung is doing something in the background we dont know about?

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Also got mine to work. This is strange. I am certain I tried the same steps yesterday as I did today, but for some reason it decided to work today whereas yesterday it would not. I also followed AnubizDK’s suggestion to put the hub into pairing mode first and then holding the reset button for 10 seconds.

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Sorry everyone, I just found this thread as I went about pairing my own Ikea outlet. There was a recent issue with joining certain devices that we fixed a few hours ago and that was likely what was causing the problems you had recently with pairing this device.


Thanks for letting us know. Just wish it was a little earlier, my wife would have appreciated not listening to me complain for the afternoon, lol

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I have paired 3No IKEA Bulbs and 1No Outlet this evening .

The Bulbs took some doing but got there in the end - once one paired and changed in the IDE, the others automatically got identified.

The socket was solid white on first power up, used an iPhone SIM tool to press the reset button for 5 or 6 seconds and it paired first time - changed to device type to zigbee socket power.

Hot dog! I’ll try mine again and see if I have better luck.

Has anyone had any luck with using the bundled remote ?
Mine pairs fine with the Hub, but does not register any clicks.
Has anyone gotten further or made it work ?

I’m still waiting for my local Ikea to stock the bundle. outlets only so far.

Just a thought for people more knowledgeable than I, I’m aware that most Ikea remotes seem to use a group broadcast function, which the smartthings hub doesn’t like… would it be possible to pair the remote(s) to something like an xBee as a sort of middleman?

Has anyone tried a tradfri signal repeater?

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Hi Konni, I have the same problem, I have tried various devices types, but have had no luck so far

A note to UK users: outlets are now back in stock in Ikea, after a hiatus of several weeks (due to disruption in the factory overseas, apparently). I received one today, and pleased to say that it works perfectly: was recognised quickly by ST, after resetting via the pinhole, and shows up as ‘IKEA TRADFRI control outlet’ without any need for custom DH! Great value for £9 (well, £12 delivered…)!



The smartplug appears to work as a Zigbee signal repeater. After installing several Tradfri smartplugs around the house, I moved the Smartthings hub to a less central position where it previously had issues with sensors dropping off - and no longer have any issues.

I wonder if the USB charger is anything special like over 2.4a or supporting fast charge…

Looks like there are now “Tradfri” wireless blinds. I wonder if these can work with Smartthings… https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/textiles-rugs/curtains-blinds/fyrtur-block-out-roller-blind-wireless-battery-operated-grey-art-30408173/

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I was able to get hold of some of the bundles. I was also able to pair the remote/controller to the hub (as a Thing). But after that it´s not possible to connect the button to the tradfri outlet or tradfri light bulb. I´m looking for using the controller also as a button for controlling my Ikea Trådfri light bulbs (Because I like the design + the bundle package is cheap). I have successfully connect the controller to the bulbs and it work perfectly, holding the buttons will dim up or down the light.

So I guess the only way to get this to work is to create 1 or 2 custom DTH for be able to pairing it correctly and manage these functions.

  1. Handling Ikea power outlet - on/off button,
  2. Handling Ikea light bulb - dimmer button.

Haven´t had time to investigate this further but maybe some of the existing tradfri controller DTH can be rewritten to support this outlet controller.

I just popped into to ikea pick up some outlets and took a photo of the repeater for you :slight_smile:

But it looks like its only 1.5a output :frowning:

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