Ikea Tradfri Button (square)

Hi @aburst42 , I also recently paired the rotary one. The type I used was: ZigBee Battery Accessory Dimmer, but it didn’t do anything, so then I created under Smart Apps > Smart lighting > a new automation and selected the bulbs\lights and then the next bit I chose to mirror them and then selected the rotary dimmer as the switch, however the automation was now going via the cloud (as opposed to local before) and it was veeeeeeeeery slow to work and was driving me mad, so I took this opportunity to throw this usless rotary dimmer (which I have always hated) in to the bin. I instead bought an Ikea square button dimmer and that works amazing! I dont use it as a dimmer, instead use on, off, dim 50%, dim, 10%, using press and hold etc. May be you need to throw the rotary dimmer in the bin too :slight_smile:

Fair enough - I might consider the 5 button IKEA remote next.

FWIW, I just answered my earlier question - I was trying to use the Tradfri DTH to handle the Symfonisk device (when put that way, it is rather silly, right?). When I switched to this Symfonisk DTH, everything worked as expected. Off to write some automations now :slight_smile:


There was a round Tradfri dimmer, and there is the “new” Symfonisk media controller. Two similar looking device but the firmware inside is different.

You cannot miss with the 5 button remote, only the center long press is missing, but still gives 9 options.

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Will some one please direct me to the appropriate dth for this ikea tradfri please?

@Terri_Baker, just pair it directly to your Hub (4 press on the button on the back), there is no need for custom DH, there is a stock one.

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I’ve gotten it to show battery and show the button being pressed, but the light I chose with not turn on or off

if you’re using an ios device, create the actions with an automation instead. There is currently a bug with the quick actions on the device page.