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IKEA Tradfri Button -- help needed (DTH in post 36)

(Aesgarth) #62

Sorry this took so long…

(Silence Dogood) #63

Just registered an account so I could say thanks for this. I spent about 3 hours following (incorrect) directions from another thread before I found this. It’s so much easier now! Thank you!

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(GnaHuhu) #64

Newbie here, sorry, but-

Post 36’s DTH fixes it for the puck/dimmer… but what about the 5-button remote (“IKEA TRADFRI Remote control”)?
I haven’t found any good DTH that will get the remote control working.

To be clear, I think that people who tried connected Jonas Laursen’s dimmer code to the 5-button remote were tricked into thinking it worked. It doesn’t - the remote is directly connected to the bulbs, and is not sending any signals to smartthings. (at least that’s what I think…)

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(Jared) #65

I think you are right. I don’t know why people are talking about the 5 button remote in this thread about the button DTH. Maybe they are just hoping it works?

(Aesgarth) #66

Because, if you read the first post in this thread it specifically says 5 button switch…

(pillock) #67

I’ve bought another one of these as I heard about the updated firmware, and it’s cheaper to buy a new one than it is to buy a Tradfri gateway and update it myself. I may or may not return the old one I had in the new box for a refund :wink:

I think I’d read somewhere that they were now working - unfortunately I seem to be confused, and what is working is Hue integration. That’s a bit sad as I’m slowly moving away from Hue lights, but still have a few left.

Can anyone confirm if they’ve got the FIVE BUTTON remote - the one this thread is about, since the dimmer isn’t a button at all - working directly to SmartThings, without needing Tradfri bulbs, Hue gateway or any other stuff in between. If so, what’s your button firmware?

Using a DH I found on here I can pair it, but no button pushes are received and the battery status never moves from 0%. Live logging doesn’t pick up anything after the initial pairing.

(Will) #68

This is my experience as well. I’m trying to write one but got stuck with binding to the hub. I have some I. Go up on another thread. Building a Device Handler for IKEA 5 button remote?

It seems weird that the remote only broadcasts to devices it is paired with and not the Hub, but that’s what I am experiencing as well. I’m gonna look into this some more tonight. I just got an idea that might be stupid enough to work…


It’s not weird, it’s a choice which is made for some battery operated remotes because it significantly extends the battery life. Zwave local scene controllers work the same way. Engineering is always about balancing conflicting requirements. :sunglasses:

(Hrvoje Kusulja) #70

I have a ST Hub 2, and I am not developer.
Is there anywhere github with solution where IKEA 5 remote button works with Smartthings or not?
I get it connected and is just visible “as a Thing” without any function.

Or this is not even possible to have code for this device?

(Sergiy Vasylyev) #71

Guess there’s no way now to get ikea remote working natively with ST :frowning: ST’s got native support for ikea bulbs only.

(Kenneth Eriksen) #72
(David Thomas) #73

Thanks! I used this guide last time but couldn’t find it again, thanks!!

(Hrvoje Kusulja) #74

This is DTH for Tradfri Dimmer, not Tradfri 5 Remote button…