Ikea steering remote and rotatry dimmer

hi all, sorry if this is a repeat, but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer in the previous articles.

I had the ikea steering and rotary dimmer both working using custom dth using the old ST app. I then moved to the new app and some stuff stopped working so I had to re-add these and thought i would do away with the custom dth while I am at it.

Currently I use the below 2, types: but steering doesn’t do anything, and the dimmer is very very slow to react as it goes to the cloud and back, so unusable.

Steering remote: Ikea button
Rotary dimmer: ZigBee Battery Accessory Dimmer

Before I used to use the custom dth and then also pair the bulbs to the remotes, do I still need to do this, or can I use a default dth and assign actions to it and expect them to work? Thanks.

Ok, now that I am home and done some testing, I think I can answer the Steering part of my own question. It can remain as ‘Ikea Button’ (so no need to use any custom DTH), and there is no need to configure any actions for any of the buttons in the Smartthing app (for this device). Just need to hold the steering next to the bulbs for about 10 seconds each (till they stop flickering\glowing) and then middle the button and the dim up\down will start working.

Aboout the Rotary dimmer, since day one I hated it and am not willing to extend its life, so this will go in the bin when my new Aqara button arrives from China, which means I have to put up with it for another 2 months or so :sob: