Ikea Smart Lighting Released

Heads up, Ikea have released their Smart Lighting into the UK


Looks like its using ZigBee Light Link so plausible they could link into ST… ?

However, if we can get them to work… £9 for an E27 1000 Lumen dimmable bulb… that’s going to shake things up a bit!.. and I love ikea stuff anyway… sooo sooo dangerous for my wallet!!

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We need to get a DH and try one out. If they are here in the States.


That’s good news!

I have a set of 4x GU10’s in the conservatory that I want to replace with LED’s, and with Ikea smart bulbs not being much more than standard LED costs, it seems as though its worth the punt next time I go down to my local store!

would be interesting to see if these are the same size as the INNR GU10’s…