Ikea "Please Wait"


I’m very new to ST. And I m trying to add a Ikea E27 bulb .
I have installed the device handler. I can see it at :https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/ide/devices
(edvaldeysteinsson : IKEA-Tradfri )

After the 6x on/off the app finds the Thing. But for an hour I see. 'Please Wait’
Do you have any suggestions to get this working?

Thanks, Daan

He Robin,

Thanks! I done It again. Renamed the Thing and saved (top right) . It’s still on 'Please wait’
Do you have other tips?

Rgds, Daan

Just incase ST assigned the wrong DTH. Go back into IDE and click on the device and see what DTH is assigned. If it’s the wrong one then edit and change it to the correct DTH.

Hey Robin,

I deleted the Device Handler and I deleted the Lamp.
Then I connected the bulb again. I see the icon of a colorfull circle but still 'please wait’
The inclusion is not succesfull therefore I didnt reinstall the DTH
Do you have other suggestions?

Rgds, Daan

Ad suggsted by Robin I deleted DTH. Hope for more suggestions.

Rgds, Daan

Yes. I deleted the DTH and the Bulb
After that I reinstalled the Bulb. I’m not sure wat you mean with included

I wish there was a good Youtube video about installing this combination

Rgds, Daan

He Robin,
With this video https://youtu.be/p5fIw-4NpII
and getting tje bulb closet to the hub

I solved it.

Thanks for the help , Daan

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This same thing happened to me, and once I figure out the reason it was a quick fix. The ST app says “please wait” after you have successfully connected this, because it technically does not know what type of “thing” it is. This means that you manually have to go into the ST developer portal, go to My Devices, look for the light bulb, click on the name, click edit, and in the Thing* drop down menu just select either Ikea tradfri or ZL light bulb (select the specific one you have i.e. dimmer/warm etc). Then just save it and you will see the device update appropriately on your ST app

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