Ikea Pararoll Window/Door Sensor - Hack to pair them if stuck at closed state

Hey everyone!
Just bought a bunch of Ikea Parasoll sensors and wanted to share a trick in case somebody else at some point faces the same issue I encountered.
Upon pairing the sensor for the first time (using the Mariano’s Zigbee Contact MC driver,) the signal strength and battery status appeared after about a minute but the sensor would get stuck as closed, no matter how many times I triggered the open/close with the magnet. The light flashes on the sensor, but no state change in ST.
The simple hack is to delete the device from ST and re-pair it by pressing the sync button 4 times within 5 seconds. ta-da!!

They respond quickly and are quite thin too which makes them perfect from small window frames. Great buy and good quality sensors for the price tag

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