Ikea MITTLED connect to smartthings?

I am new to smart home. And new to smartthings. I just bought a new kitchen @ikea. It has MITTLED cabinet lighting. I would like to control this lights with smartthings.
It is now connected to TRÅDFRI Wireless dimmer, but connection with smartthings would be great.
How should i do this?

Hi @Roy_K ,
welcome to the community.
How are your Mittled currently powered?
To connect them to Smartthings, you will need to get a Tradfri LED driver, either the 10w or 30w version.
This can then be paired with Smartthings.
Note, that all the bulbs connected to an individual Tradfri LED driver will be synchronised; they cannot be individuallyt contreolled, unless you have individual Tradfri LED drivers.
Hope this helps.
FYI, I have multiple Mittled strip lights connected to a Tradfri LED driver; works great.


And thank you for your reply!
I seem indeed to have a tradfri driver. I believe 30W. I will try and figure out how to connect to this driver then😁

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The other question i should have asked if you have a Smartthings hub (either V2 or V3).
I have a V2 but lots of Smartthings users, who do not use Zigbee or Z-Wave, do not.

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Thanks, i bought a Aeotec smartthings hub v3 this week.

Cool. You should be good to go.
I find i need to have Tradfri devices within inches of the hub when pairing. I even have special power cables for this purpose.
Good luck.

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Thanks for your explanation!
This might become a bit of a challenge as i did not get the hub connected to my WiFi network; with the instructions I found I should be able to switch it to WiFi. The hub is very slow in this whole process.
It did detect WiFi signals of neighbours but not that of my own. I setup the hub with cable and this works.
So i kept it connected via UTP cable. Which could be fine but it should really connect with WiFi for pairing with this Tradfri LED driver in the kitchen.
The hub I bought was in a previous openen package so now i doubt if previous person had issued with just that WiFi connection too. But i will give it a go once more. Else I will seek advice from the shop.

Even if your V3 hub is not in an ideal location, you can always temporarily locate the Tradfri LED driver beside the hub, for the purposes of pairing. You only need a power connection, the Mittleds can stay where they are. This is what I do because my V2 hub is wired only. It may still take you several attempts to reset and pair the Tradfri LED driver, especially without the LEDs blinking to tell you it’s state. The main trick I know is to keep trying.

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Yes I got it connected to smartthings :hugs:
Thank you for all support!

But my wife is a bit less interested in controlling this via an app and wants to keep using the ikea TRÅDFRI dimmer (totally understandable).
But unfortunately I seem not able to connect both at same time. I guess I am doing something wrong, its late and I will try to find out more on this topic in coming days.

I have had similar issues with Ikea dimmers.
What model of Ikea dimmer do you have?
I have the square (with rounded corners) rocker dimmer with ‘1’ and ‘0’ on the face.
I pair these directly with Smartthings and then use ‘Routines’ to control my IKEA LED drivers.
You can have routines for ‘press’ and ‘long press’ on both ‘1’ and ‘0’ but I don’t have ‘brighter’ and ‘darker’ controls that you would have pairing the dimmer directly with Ikea LED driver. Also, the battery life is not great when the dimmer is paired to Smartthings.
To be honest I do most of my controls via Amazon Echo via the Smartthings skill.
I have some of the very early rotating circular Ikea dimmers and have managed to pair them directly to an Ikea bulb while both are also paired with Smartthings. Alas, pairing was not very repeataible but the battery life was great.

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It is the same dimmer I have. Pity it is not possible to have both function independently. I might try your solution. I noticed battery is already down to 60% within couple of days, i suspect due to connection to smartthings…

I have made testing using these SmartThings Edge Drivers that support Group Cluster.

Links to drivers:
Zigbee Button + Groups - Alpha Test - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

Using these drivers and Zigbee Group cluster, it is possible to adjust the dimming of the lamps with buttons and at the same time it is possible to get information about the presses to SmartThings.

I don’t know if MITTLED supports Group Cluster.

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Thanks for pointing to this topic. Would be great if it works. I hope to try it in next days.