IKEA light/sensor/SmartThings Hub3

I’ve posted about this before a while ago about can’t find the answer! I have a IKEA motion sensor and bulb pairing with a hub 3. The issue I have is when I’ve paired the bulb and sensor, then pair with the hub I loose the bulb/sensor relationship… Same if I do it the other way around, pairing with the hub first the bulb/sensor I loose the hub pairing. Anyone know how to resolve…?

You can’t pair motion sensor and the bulb together and also with the hub. Pair both devices with the hub and make them work together with the routines.


or via Zigbee groups, but it’s even more advanced technique

Could motion sensors and bulbs be paired with groups?

Not in the ST group. The group you can create in the application is a joke, they are not even available in the routines.

Search the forum for custom Zigbee drivers from @lmullineux and @Mariano_Colmenarejo

these drivers support Zigbee grouping and this is the way to control devices both directly and via the hub.

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Thanks guys. I’ve definitely had it set up like this before, with both devices paired to ST and together. I lost connectivity when replaced the bulb and cent get it back