Ikea bulbs switch off after a power cut out

I am using my Ikea bulbs directly with my ST hub. Lately, I have discovered that my bulbs are switching off when the power is back on after a power cut out. This happens after a few seconds with the light on. This didn’t happen before so I guess this is due to a new bulb firmware OR due to I have migrated to the new app!?!

Is there a way to change the setup in the bulb so it will behave as a normal bulb when the wall switch is used?

As I am aware, that is currently not possible with SmartThings.

Usually that involves a manufacturer specific cluster and attribute to be modified.

If you know those, then a DH can be altered to set them, and they may stay as they are set after switching back to the stock DH.

Hue bulbs behaviour can be set from the Hue app. Probably the IKEA bulbs does the same with the Tradfri app and bridge.

I will tag @BroderickCarlin, he might have some insight will this feature ever implemented to stock DHs.

Unfortunately there isn’t any standard for this behaviour in Zigbee AFAIK. Might will be something when the CHIP evolves.