Ikea Bulbs in new ST app?

Do I need the DH for the IKEA bulbs using the new ST app?

When I do a search for related topics on here most the information about connecting them to ST hub is old. Most of the posts mention using a DH in the classic app. I ordered some bulbs and the new dimmer switches about an hour ago. I won’t get them till mid Sept., but I opened the app and started “add new device” since I new you can now add devices by brand. I saw IKEA as a choice. Does this mean I don’t need a DH anymore? Or will a custom DH give me better control?

The following are supported in the new app. Just click on + in the upper right of the screen, choose device, by brand , and ikea…

Awesome. So no DH for the bulbs. I see the new dimmer switch is under the remote section in the ST app. Thanks.