Today while visiting Ikea i came across this set… for the total price of 30 euro’s and the label “Zigbee” i could of course not let this product go.

At home; connected it all and held the reset pin for a few seconds; it got instantly picked up by the ST hub.
Responds instant (also when pushing the button physically)

Great for when a “Not so tech inclined” family member wants to control devices with an on/off switch. They can still do so; but there will always be power on the switch for it to be turned on/off with routines. Also able to be wall/surface mounted (they sadly did not have these brackets in stock). I like how you can make the system “Suited” for your needs. They even have USB sockets that you can use in the setup (i know some Smarthome devices use this for power… like the Switchbot Hub)

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo has added this device to his “Switch mc” Edge driver. You should check that out to make the device future proof. Driver has cool features included what you might find interesting.


Good Tip; added the edge driver of Mariano and now it detects it as the ASKVADER on/off switch
Now also got the Watts / Icon changer… Nice!


You should check Mariano’s post about what energy meter capability means. But it is nice little option to have. I myself don’t have any use for it.

The energy meter does not seem to function though…
Edit: I see it’s not live… my fault.

It will work but you have to set manually how much is the energy consumption of your device connected to the power strip. Lets say you have 8w led bulb connected then add 8 watts from the settings of the driver and it will will show consumption based on that. Askvader switch doesn’t have energy consumption built to it. Mariano just added that capability to his driver as a “virtual” capability. I’m not sure if that is the right way to phrase it but hopefully you get what I mean.

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Got it working now; many extra functions when using the driver. Great!

@Mariano_Colmenarejo is the man when it comes to Edge drivers! He has done so much for this community. 99% of my devices are using his drivers.


Thanks, but In this there is a combination of the needs requests, ideas and test of various users as @milandjurovic71, @Alwas and others… , in which I just try to implement them to the best of my ability.
Teamwork always gives good results!!! :+1:


Sorry, I forgot to thank you @nayelyz for helping me, helping us whenever I’ve asked.
Also to @erickv, who is no longer in the official team, but is still here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, you are right, it is all about teamwork.

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