Ikea 5 button remote killing batteries

Not for me, done same procedure and all lost battery in 24 hours


Ive found batts can be dead and still show 100%, so unless you test button every day ive found ikea batt conditions not reliable.
Im trying mine on a conversion of 2 aa batts at min, its been 3 days and still working at 67%, that was round 80% earlier today.

And I have buttons that show 0% battery and they still work. :thinking::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • SmartThings device type: Ikea Button
  • SmartThings device firmware: 0x22010631

Unfortunately I don’t have an Ikea Hub, but have setup a little test rig to monitor battery drain over the next couple of days (using rechargeable batteries) - will report findings.

You’d hope that Ikea would do their bit for sustainability here and patch this bug asap.

Just opining here, but since this problem only exists with third party hubs I would bet that IKEA doesn’t care. Maybe when the new Zibgee standard “matter” (or whatever they are calling it today) hits IKEA will be forced to address this. My bet, this will never be fixed. IKEA has decided that they want to pair their repeaters and buttons in a weird way…

I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of ST updating their stack again and the problem going away.

I currently only have one IKEA button remaining on an ST hub and there is only a single repeater on the mesh now. End result is that said button is quite happy at the moment as there is less scope for the mesh changes that I feel are key. Hopefully others concur with my diagnosis that the battery drain issue remains with the latest IKEA firmware. Please don’t take my word for it.

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Maybe. Given that the battery drain problem now seems to exist on every other Zigbee hub too. All of the Home Assistant zigbee sticks report this issue as does Hubitat (Not sure about the Amazon or Google hubs). To me this looks like the IKEA zigbee stack is old/weird/different. For example you can’t link a IKEA repeater to the IKEA hub unless it was simultaniously linked to a button (weird) I think it will take a new Zigbee standard (Matter) or someone at Samsung or some other “important business partner” convincing IKEA to fix there issue.

I like your idea of just one repeater. I might give that a go if it was strategically placed in house, how far apart (from your hub) is your repeater? It needs to be close enough to see the repeater, but far enough away that the blinds in my master bed room don’t decide that they want to bounce off of it.

Actually you can, they just don’t tell you how. You can reset the repeater and then hold the link button on the gateway until it comes around to your point of view.

But yes in general it is all a little odd.

I should point out that I have two ST hubs in daily use. One is absolutely littered with repeaters. The other one is ‘my’ hub. It now exists simply so I don’t miss out on beta firmware, and also so I can have two hubs on the same location. It also means I can ‘play’. So it has one repeater purely because I moved another two recently.

I have learned not to try and second guess what Zigbee finds attractive in routers.

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That would not be working for me, as every light bulb, LED controller, and plug that I have is also repeater (router), and router function can’t be turned off.

Ya, I get that my situation is very unique. Because of the size of my house and yard I standardized on Z-Wave since it was better at long distances. My only Zigbee devices in my house are the IKEA blinds, their repeaters and buttons. The blinds are all in my main bedroom with the Smartthings hub so the blinds work fine without repeaters, actually they work WAY better since I put all of the repeaters in a drawer and reset all of the blinds to connect directly to the Smarthings hub (the blinds were also suffering battery drain issues with the repeaters)…

If you have ANY other powered/repeating Zigbee devices in your house, then you need to avoid ALL IKEA battery powered devices ( sensors, buttons, blinds, etc) until IKEA (or someone else) fixes this issue.

That button eventually failed after twenty-five days, and again this morning after five days. Nothing unusual there but I did want to comment that I had swapped out the Tradfri outlet and the only current router is a Sonoff. I remain a bit suspicious of Tradfri outlets for other reasons but specific concerns related to this issue seem to be unfounded.

Try running your ikea buttons from a slightly higher voltage source with a low internal resistance.

Possibly 3 AAA alkaline cells (but no more) or a single Lipo cell.

I had modded my 5 button with a pair of AAAs that would last about a week or two. Gave up and moved back to the ikea hub and now the button has been going for a few months on the coin cell.

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I just got 48h from my Ikea dimmer button before the battery is dead. The dimmer got lhe latest firmware, and i removed all zigbee repeating devices before the test. It cost much in battery than a good zigbee buton. It’s between smartthings zigbee stack and Ikea firmware.

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I’m still monitoring battery life using 2xAA rechargeable batteries:

Forecasted to hit 2.55v around 26th December

I’m not sure the exact voltage it will stop showing in SmartThings yet, but guessing ~2.5v

Look like they began to upgrade to Zigbee 3.0 some bulbs.

RELEASE NOTES (ikea.com)

dang, no updates to buttons. Roller shades have an update for battery level reporting
◉ FYRTUR and KADRILJ roller blinds (V-2.3.088)
◆ Solves an issue where some blinds report inconsistent battery level.

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Great News… I will start doing firmware updates on my blinds. Their battery life has been “random” even with a direct line to the Zigbee hub

Have you tried the new edge driver? I cannot get it to recognise presses although it pairs ok. It seems like there are multiple actions recognised. Does the new edge driver affect battery life?

Blinds are all 2.3.088 now…
Based on most of the other posts about IKEA firmware updates and battery issues… I’m not hopeful.

I now have 9 sets of roller blinds in my house… Firmware update is a 4-5 hour project.

I’ll add this data point… Before Christmas I thought I would set everything up to do the update.
I pulled the IKEA hub out of storage and plugged it in (and gave it a network connection). Then I got busy with Christmas and did nothing else… It was just sitting there. Nothing was paired to it.

Within 3 days all of my blinds were polling “low bat” and the day after Christmas 6 of the 9 blinds were dead.