Ikea 5 button remote killing batteries

I’ve decided to use the Sonoff SNZB-01 button purely on price. In the UK the IKEA buttons are £6 each in store, and I can get the Sonoffs delivered in a day or two for less than £7 from an official UK distributor (or so they claim).

Apart from one Shortcut button, which has always been a bit crap to be honest, I only have the On/Off buttons. I have mostly used them to provide four toggle actions (they replaced four action Aqara buttons) but I actually found three was enough. So the press, double press, and really-very-long-indeed press of the Sonoff is right for my needs and I do prefer the single button. The Sonoff buttons don’t have anything approaching the build quality (and don’t like having the Zigbee channel changed on them, but that isn’t something you do too often) and can be a little clunky, but on the other hand the IKEA buttons have far too soft an action and the magnetic mount is a nice idea that is far too weak in practice (I’ve actually long since limited them to controlling things that I don’t mind accidentally turning on or off and in places where I can see where the button goes as it flies off the mount).

Driver wise, I am sure something local will come along soon, if it hasn’t already. I can wait or I can probably do it myself if I can be bothered (I just can’t get interested in the Edge drivers for some reason).

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They must have heard me. All eleven failed overnight.

Also my IKEA motion sensors are so prone to false positives that they would be useless for security and my IKEA outlets are a bit dodge too.

My original battery in Ikea motion sensor lasted almost a year. I have the sensor outdoors and here winters are cold. So I was impressed how long it lasted. But this new battery has been there for few weeks and already got notification to change battery. 15%left. I also have dimmers that show 0% but they still work.

After 5 batteries killed in a few days each, I abandoned the IKEA multi button in favor of a Tuya (Zemismart) 4 button, which is bulky but reliable. It has 4 button, not 5, but the DTH handles press, double press, and long press- Long press requires 4 seconds pressure.

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It sadly looks like this is dead and neither Samsung nor Ikea are working on fixing this… I can report that since I removed all of my ikea repeaters and repaired my blinds and they are all holding their charge like they did when they were new.

This is definitely a routing issue.

Are you referring to the remotes that came with the blinds or the batteries in the ikea blinds themselves? A couple people have noticed, myself included, that the batteries in the actual Ikea blinds have been dying quickly as well as the button remotes. Just checking here to see if people are having the same issue with the blind batteries as well.

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I too have removed all ikea buttons in favour of the aoetec smartthings button.
I didn’t want to spend any more money on this so I’ve been furiously filling in ipsos mori surveys for amazon credit over the last few months until I had enough to replace the lot. Haha

It’s a real shame. They were great (and very good value for money) when they worked.


I have had issues with BOTH!
The batteries in the remotes last about 24hrs - 7 days… and then they are dead…
The batteries in the blinds have issues too! They are big, and they should last about 6 months on a charge… After the Samsung upgrade that dropped to about 4 or 5 weeks.

However since I removed ALL of the IKEA plug in repeaters the problem went away and repaired the Blinds to the Samsung Hub. As others have speculated, this looks like 100% a “routing” issue and if your Zigbee network “changes” then the batteries die shortly after that.

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The crap thing about this is all my lights are technically repeaters, and I imagine many are in the same boat. I don’t have any plug in repeaters, IKEA or otherwise. I’d have to remove every single light and sit in the dark to test this out :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Good detective work though!

Does Ikea bulbs work as a repeater? Or zigbee bulbs in general? :thinking:

I’m sorry, I have no idea about IKEA bulbs, I don’t have any. I think it’s up to how the lightbulb manufacturer has implemented ZigBee as to whether it acts as a repeater

(Someone that knows more than me can probably tell you how to check)

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Yes, and more often than not yes. Some manufacturers have decided that having bulbs repeat is ‘a bad thing’ because of the common problem of the bulbs losing power when dumb switches in the circuit are used. Some users wish certain manufacturers’ bulbs didn’t repeat because they are crap at it.


Ok. Sounds reasonable. I always have power on in my bulbs so my zigbee mesh should be quite good then? Depending on quality of my bulbs of course.

It should certainly help.

The trouble with the Ikea battery drain issue as I see it is that a strong mesh can work against you as much as a weak one can. I have two buttons on a small mesh where they could get a strong signal on three repeaters and the hub. As things stand that seems to be three too many options.

Interesting. I have only one remote that drained battery few months ago. I haven’t changed it since. But all other Ikea battery powered devices seem to be ok.

Although I am convinced that changes in routing is the significant factor, I haven’t determined if it is just the first hop from the device that matters, or if it is any change along the route. I fear it may be the latter. It may be that bulbs simplify the routing by providing a strong signal that is less prone to interference.

I remain suspicious of the Ikea outlets that handle most of my routing. Indeed I can’t rule out that it is actually those that are misbehaving and my buttons are just the victims.

Long thread, and I’d like to share my experiences and possibly add a piece to the puzzle: I have two tradfri 5-button remotes, one on each side of the master bed.
Both have been working beautifully for years, and I just recently had to do a standard battery switch on both of them.

Since then, one of them has been experiencing massive battery drain and would basically empty a full battery within a day.

Checking the IDE I made the following observation:
Both buttons dont connect to the hub directly, but take one extra-hop each to connect to it. HOWEVER, they both hop to a different node in the network before reaching the hub.

The one that works fine is connecting to the hub via an OSRAM LIGHTIFY RGBW PAR16 50 bulb, the one that keeps killing batteries is connecting via an Ikea E27 RGB tradfri bulb (I have no tradfri hub, and no outlets, all my ikea zigbee devices are DIRECTLY embedded in smartthings).
I recently bought a shortcut button that also showed that battery draining behavior and noticed it takes the same route via the Ikea lamp.

Out of a hunch, I restocked the battery and repaired my “faulty” 5-button remote while being located closer to my working one in order to coax it into taking a similar route and avoiding the IKEA bulb and so far (3 days) it seems to be working well.

So maybe to get some swarm intelligence going: Please go ahead and test if you have a similar hop-device that all your faulty remotes have in common, then try to connect your remote while avoiding said device and let us know if it makes a difference.

Edit: I am on a UK V2 hub

Oh if I could influence the mesh that effectively I probably wouldn’t have a battery problem. The problem for me comes when there is a change to the routing. So I could have a button routing through Outlet A and it could stay that way for hours or days or weeks. Then in one moment the button will decide that Outlet B is offering a better route and change to that and within hours the battery will be dead.

What I don’t know is if a change of route from button -> A -> B -> hub to button -> A -> C -> hub also triggers the problem, or if only the first hop matters. Also whether the firmware of A, B and C is significant.

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I don’t think that is the routing problem. I have Ikea Dimmer, that is 2ft away from the v2 hub, and it drains battery whithin 24 hours, even that is connected directly, no routes.
I can see this issue only with Ikea devices

I had 5-button remote, likely whithin return period. However bunch of dinners, are in the drawer now