iHome ISP5 loses connection to App

I have three ISP 5 from iHome, they work great, but today they all had the Green LED on, but yet it disconnected from the App. It isn’t a WiFi issue as there is a repeater within 15 feet of each with a full signal. Any ideas?

Could they have experienced a power outage/surge? I have seen in the past where a brief outage caused mine to lose connectivity. But unplugging And plugging them back in resolved the issue for me,

No power outage or surge and especially surge since the house has a whole house surge protector as there are so many computers and home automation devices. Also one of the ISP5’s is installed in a battery backup. I find it strange that all three went out at the same time. All three still had the Green LED on. I am stupid that I didsn’t check it within ST maybe it was just theiir app.