iHome ISP-5s offline again 2-13-18

I don’t know about anyone elese here, but all my ISP-5 Smart Plugs are offline again. But my ISP-8 is still online. This is what happened when the cloud went down.

All of mine are working.

I just spoke to them, all my plugs are dead, and have to be replaced.

Mine has gone offline several times over the past week, well really since the initial 2 day outage. Presently 6 of the 7 work. But, I expect that to change, as in they will all go offline in the next day or so. I think I’m ready to figure out how many I actually “need” and just switch over the z-wave plugs.

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I already in the middle of switching mine out.

I had ordered two of the Innovelli’s to be used as range extenders for my new CT101s, but I can’t use them for nightlights with the plugs on the side. I need to find something else that doesn’t break the bank.

I must agree. For smartthings integration I will not likely go with a cloud to cloud solution again (assuming there is a local option like z-wave). I have an Ionovelli dual channel and it’s been nearly flawless. I did have to unplug it once because it was not responding correctly to my automations but that was a pretty minor inconvenience compared to this whole iHome cloud outage mess.

Monoprice seems to have some of the best prices on z-wave outlets. Of course wifi only outlets can be had for cheaper but lack native smartthings support.

Which MonoPrice has native support. I bought a few Peanuts for 17.00 each. They pair and work as a Zigbee Switch Power.

I have misrepresented monoprice switches as being supported natively. They are compatible with smartthings but not natively supported. They even advertise as Rboy apps compatible

I was reading yesterday about how the peanuts can not have their firmware updated without the peanut hub. Of course you already know that @joelw135 since you were pretty active in that thread.

I didn’t see that, I was hoping I could do that. Can you direct me to that?

The peanut outlet can only update its firmware from the “almond” hub.

Here is the thread

That was what I thought, and I already read the thread. Doesn’t matter as the ISP-5 didn’t have power reading.

My isp-8 turns on a few minutes after I turn it off. And it turns off a few minutes after I turn it on. I dunno what’s doing it, maybe the native app is interfering or something.