IFTTT with Contact Sensors

Has anyone been able to get IFTTT integration working with contact sensors? I think I have everything set up, but it is not adding a row to a Google Spreadsheet when a door is opened or closed. I have checked my permissions on the IFTTT app in Smartthings, to make sure that contact sensor is available, but It just doesn’t seem to respond to it at all.

Any ideas?

Yes, this is one of the first things I set up and never had any issues with it. I also have a presence sensor logging to Google sheets with no issue.

I will try and reconfigure it all again. It must have been something I did.

Did you get it working?
Entirely separate to SmartThings, but I am in contact with IFTTT about a Google Sheets issue. I have a recipe not logging my Withings scale weight to a sheet. The problem is, I’m now using the upgraded Google Sheets. The recipe works fine with an old-style sheet.

Yes, I got it working the the Google Spreadsheet it was creating was putting it in a different spreadsheet, so I wasn’t seeing the data is the problem.


I have the same problem. The applet always shows “Options Unavailable” in the Trigger section.