Ifttt virtual switch

Hi smart people. I was wondering if there is a virtual device I can combine with iftt? I now have a few integrations that need multiple iftt applets to report back status etc to smartthings, iftt and the manufacturer app. I’m thinking I can simplify that if we would have an ifttt virtual button/switch/button opener.


This is how many people use IFTTT and smartthings for additional third-party integrations. :sunglasses: So assuming you have a smartthings hub, it’s easy, You can create as many virtual switches as you want, in any of several different formats.

See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

However, this only works if you have a smartthings account.

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Hey Frank. Just saw your question, and while you may, or may not, have found the answer yet, the answer is it depends. I use non-Smartthings devices from over half dozen different vendors. It depends on the app from that vendor, and have it working exactly as your question. If support it their device as an IFTTT trigger, you can create a set of rules to trigger from the virtual switch, and another set to update the virtual switch status based on the device. Most works well, TP-Link Kasa is the only one with limited trigger support, so now you have another reason to avoid Kasa in addition to the over pricing. Hope that helps.