IFTTT "vibration" trigger

Any chance a “vibration” trigger could be added to IFTTT for use with the multi-sensor?

I’ve using IFTTT to capture open/close events to a spreadsheet on Google Drive for long-term archival. It would be nice to track changes movement and vibrations to objects.

Doubtful. But in the meantime, you could set up a virtual switch that turns on/off to the movement/vibration of your device. Then connect that switch to IFTTT --> google docs.

I’ll have to do a bit more research about the virtual switch, definitely sounds like a workaround. Its too bad the focus on IFTTT seems to be lacking.

KC- have you found a way to measure vibrations and capture them on a spreadsheet? I have neighbors that blast music at 4 am that literally shakes my wall. Would love to have a system in place to measure the vibrations so that they can establish a max volume at which they can party before waking me up!

Also, an ifttt notification based on a specific level of vibration would be great. Thanks!

With the new maker channel, it can be done via http

Here’s what I did to track my thermostat to ifttt

Take a look at the laundry monitor code in the IDE, it monitors the vibration and one of the options is to turn on a light. You might also want to check out @pstuart’s latest live code friday. He reviewed the code and went through and modified it.