Ifttt recipes to display presence? (OnHub)

I haven’t been able to find the recipe but im looking to use my google onhub router to enable presence based on a person connecting to the wifi. It works for turning on a light (think it uses the mac address to know who is who) so i think the onhub side is fine just not sure about the SM side?

The first thing you will want to do is install this device handler:

After you add the device handler, create a device using that handler. Then sync your SmartThings and IFTTT integration again.

In IFTTT, you’ll create two recipes: One for turning on the virtual presence switch when a device connects and another for turning it off. Here is my recipe for turning it on:

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my current issue is non of my presence switches are showing in IFTT

Did you install the device handler I linked above in the IDE?

i created and custom presence sensor called ONHubtom and ive also selected it here

not sure if the issue is because it opens https://graph.api.smartthings.com and not https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com

problem is if i replace it with EU i then get the error
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Wed Sep 14 11:31:57 UTC 2016

Is that screen shot from the IFTTT setup in the ST app? Are you using the device type I linked or another virtual presence device handler? It needs to have switch capabilities in order for IFTTT to work. So you would actually select it as a switch in the IFTTT setup, not a presence sensor

thanks i got it working, so now the switch turns to on when im connected to the onhub, how can i get that to set the presence as home?

Also any chance you will be creating an away presence

Add your ONHubTom to your “i’m back” routine and it should run that routine when it arrives.

The away IFTTT is the exact same as the home one, just turn the switch off instead of on.

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Thanks for this thread. I set up the Virtual Presence Plus device type and associated it to some manually created devices then set up IFTTT recipes per Jimmy’s example above for each device. However, I’m not seeing the status change in ST for my devices because IFTTT doesn’t seem to be running the applets.

I have notifications set up when the IFTTT applet runs (which works on another “device connected recipe” I have) but it doesn’t seem like IFTTT is seeing the devices connect/disconnect like I expected, so I suspect this is falling prey to IFTTT’s 15 minute polling business. I couldn’t find anything about whether this service supported instant triggers.

I’m wondering if there are any other ways to recognize specific devices connecting/disconnecting to my Google Wifi that work reliably and consistently without the 15 minute polling with IFTTT. Has anyone found a solution to connect devices coming/going from a Google Wifi/OnHub and their ST?

My use case is using this to arm/disarm the alarm system (with some CoRE pistons for arming) automatically based on the people living in my house since we always carry our phones. I didn’t want to install the ST app on their phones, giving them full access to everything under the hood.

yeah, there is a significant lag. I only use ours as a backup or for detecting when we are still in the neighborhood but away from the house (aka having beers at a neighbors house). If they’re up for it, you could put LIfe 360 on their phones and use the ST integration.