IFTTT now only allows 3 applets in the free version

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Done and Thank you!

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Doh, I had totally missed the bit about only 3 active for free plans in the original notice, but they just very clearly pointed out I have 9. I can pair down a few, but don’t think I can get to 3 or under. My key sticking points are my Blink cameras (arm/disarm paired to a virtual switch) and then 2 for leak sensors that will make a phone call. I have some others that notify about impending super cold temps to make sure my thermostat doesn’t drop the temp at night, but I can live without that. Any suggestions on Blink or the leak sensor phone call? I found another thread on the Blink item but nobody there seems to have any good ideas so far.

JD mentioned using Alexa routines. I do have an Echo but haven’t used the routines much as I rely on ST and Google Home mostly (darn these company walled gardens). Would it maybe be something like expose my virtual switches to Alexa (guess with the ST change they all are now lol) then a routine to arm/disarm Blink based on that?

Something like that, but unfortunately with the new ST Alexa skill this particular function is broken right now. :disappointed_relieved: Smartthings engineering is aware of it and is working on it, but no timeline for a fix yet.

Meanwhile, quite a few people are just adding additional Ifttt free accounts, and putting three applets on each. Paul Hibbard mentions this in his video.

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@farlicimo This is exactly what I just did for my Blink systems.


I missed that too apparently. I know you couldn’t control what devices are exposed, but are virtual switches not working? Is that what the problem is?

See the following:

New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

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Check out the Inovelli fan and light switch, might be the ticket.


Among the things that the company has not communicated well is that apparently if you use an applet which was created by the device manufacturer, it does not count against your limit of three.

For example, I have an applet created by hue which turns on a room of lights at sunset. It’s not counting against my three “custom” applets.

So the first thing to do is to search for the service of the device that you are using and see if they are providing any of these manufacturer created applets.


Most of my applets were like this… until recently. I just checked an many of them were converted to custom applets. I went to convert them back and in most of the cases the “new” manufacturer version has fewer options. E.g., I can no longer select the path to a Google Sheet (although I put a path in the sheet name… hope that works), and I can no longer select the fields in the sheet.

I definitely won’t be paying for IFTTT.

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Is it also correct that in addition to applets created by the device manufacturer, if a Pro user creates an applet and publishes it, any non-Pro user could use that custom applet? Would these Pro-user created applets also not count against the 3 applet limit?

If this is the case, what would stop a Pro user (or a generous community of Pro users) from fielding custom applet requests and publishing them for the rest of us?

For tasker fans-
I had lots of ifttt webhooks applets that I was using with join/tasker.
I’ve had great success recreating them all with sharptools and with it’s tasker integration (in app purchase).


Going to see if I can somehow arm/disarm Blink Cameras through an Alexa Routine. If I can, then to the hell with IFTTT.

Dammit! Nope, you can not arm the modules through an Alexa Routine. These damn Blink camera’s are damn near paper weights now. Yeesh.

Yeah, been there done that, hence why multiple IFTTT accounts now.


OK sooo, you can have multiple accounts tied to ST and Blink?

Yup, and it works.

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That’s great to hear. I just need 6 Applets so this is great news. Although, $2/month is hardly a deal breaker…Might just pay it.

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Don’t feed the greed.


Not sure that it is greed, as much as desperation. It looks like they max’d out the fees that they could charge companies to integrate. Several decided to abandon the platform. A subscription model might be the only way that they can sustain. I, however, have a natural aversion to subscriptions, particularly when something was free-to-me.

If I choose to use something like Sharptools, they tell you upfront what free gets you and what a subscription gets you. That is fair. I understand the relationship up front, and can consider the value in that context.