IFTTT notifications using TTS

So I used to have an Ubi that functioned as an internet-connected speaker which allowed me to push IFTTT notifications via voice (like sports scores when the game ended). My Ubi died this weekend and IFTTT has no alternatives. I just wondered if anyone had a way to get IFTTT notifications brought into the ST environment so I could take advantage of all the TTS options within ST. If not, I’ll just wait for the Alexa API to support notifications and hope it’s available to IFTTT. Thanks all.

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LANnouncer might do it. It works with any android device. :sunglasses:

There may also be a way to do it with Tasker, @joshua_lyon might know.

You can also check the quick browse list in the community – created wiki for voice and TTS smartapps, there may be something else there as well.


I had one of the first ones shipped. I used it for a similar thing - notifications. That was the only thing it was any good at. What a Piece of Junk. My wife did “something” with it and it’s gone. I still remember my daugther (3 years old at the time) shouting “Ubi - you a piece of junk” at it.
If I could only get my Alexa to do announcements she would be perfect.

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It’s not easy, but you can get echo to do announcements in one of two ways.

First, you can take advantage of the fact that the echo is also a Bluetooth speaker and use an android device like with LANnouncer mentioned above, and you can get your notifications to play on your Alexa devices.

( as you’ll see in the following thread, when this was first suggested I didn’t think it would be possible , but I turned out to be dead wrong – – the guys got it to work. :sunglasses:)

Or, you can set up askAlexa. That one requires that you sign up for an Amazon developers account and again require some technical expertise to set up, but you can do a lot of magic stuff with that. :wink:


Personally, I am waiting for Amazon to add an official TTS feature, but if you’re willing to do some work you can have it now. :tada:


You might want to follow this thread as well. If you’re interested in the TTS aspects of ST and Alexa, you’re going to love this app.

[Deprecated] EchoSistant Version 1.2.0


Thank you for pointing out LANnouncer for me! I live in an Apple house, so I don’t think about android devices. I’ll definitely look into this!

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OK, so I have Ask Alexa installed and “working”. I’m fiddling with it now to get the talking to happen. I printed off that Wiki page with instructions. FIFTY SEVEN PAGES!
This might take a while. I’ll check back with you when I (hopefully) get it working.

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I was using the ST text-to-speech app to send commands to Samsung Shape speakers (M5s and M3s) via LAN/WiFi. I was only sending commands to individual/specific speakers (not pairs, nor “all” speakers, concurrently.) e.g. it I tried to send a “Welcome home” to two different speakers at the same time, they wouldn’t necessarily speak at the same time (due to network latency and such – they would be out-of-sync.) I bought one of the Samsung “hubs” for these speakers, but never went through the extra effort to configure them to the hub. MAYBE I could then send the “Welcome home” message to the hub, and it would ensure that the speakers indeed talk in tandem/concurrently?.. (TBD.)

But, I was happy enough with the single-speaker experience.

You can also have ST hub send it MP3 sound files and such, too.
It also supports a few “built-in” features like weather conditions.
Between the TTS and the MP3 options, you can get it to say or play almost anything. (e.g. just-in-time creation of MP3 files, then play those files.)

Sample: First motion in the living room every morning from a ST motion sensor --> downloads textual weather information for your city, and converts it to an MP3 file (with whichever computer voice your desire.) Once that files is created/written, trigger ST to indeed play that file to the M5 Shape speaker that’s in the living room.