IFTTT lacks persistence: how do I stop the "that" later?

I am using iftt quite a bit and for many things its great.
I juat created a routine that looks to see if my siren is ON ans if so play an intruder alert message through all my sonos speakers.
However. When the siren gets turned OFF iftt does not see the state change amd the sonos intruder Alert keeps playing even though syatem is disarmed, and Siren is no longer ON.
Is there a way to solve this?

IFTTT doesn’t control anything – – it just passes the messages around. So it doesn’t know state, and it wouldn’t turn your Sonos off automatically because the siren is no longer on. It just gets a notice Of the original event, and passes that notice over to Sonos.

Your IFTTT applet isn’t “If the siren is on, then Play a Sonos notification.”

It’s “if the siren turns on then tell Sonos to play a notification repeatedly.”

Just set up a second IFTTT applet so that when the siren is turned off, the Sonos notification get turned off.

Or use a rules engine that does know state. :sunglasses:

How to Get Started Creating Complex Rules in SmartThings (2017) (SmartThings Classic)


Thanks for the response,
I created a second routine to note OFF state and turn off SONOS.

At some point getting up to speed on webcore sounds like the right idea.

And I wish the sonos applets were written to be more general

  1. ability to set volume

  2. switch goes on or switch goes off.



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