IFTTT is Down

There you have it. Never trust the cloud. :smile:

Our apologies. Something isn’t working quite right.
Thank you for your patience as we work to fix this error.

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Ruh Roh! Thanks for the heads up. That is the problem with set it and forget it software. I never would have known otherwise.

Never RELY on the cloud, but you can have some trust for the cloud. THIS is why we want SmartThings to have some sort of local control over our devices…even if just as a back-up and even if just limited to some key devices and not all devices.

Trust my @$$ :smile:

IFTTT has been down for at least 8 hours (since I noticed), but their status page still shows everthing is “hockey-dokey”.

All Systems Operational Refreshed 2 minutes ago

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@geko is IF the same thing? It appears to be up and running for me. I don’t use it often though.

What about IFTTT is not working for you @geko? Looks like it’s up for me. Just tested one of my recipes.

ifttt.com was down since last night with an image shown in the original post. It came back up just a few minutes ago. I guess you’ve slept through the whole excitement. :smile:

@geko! Now you are imagining things! :wink: Didn’t know Photoshop was one of your skills!

Nope. It was up this morning for me too. I saw your first post around 7:00am central and checked it and it was up. I assumed they had fixed it then. When I saw you were still talking about it, I checked it again and it was still up.

Don’t worry @geko I saw it down too. So happens they added Microsoft channels today. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: