IFTTT Field Names

I’ve used the IFTTT maker platform before to filter events on a custom applet. I’d like to do this with a ST trigger. What I’m looking for are the fieldnames that ST provides with the trigger. Google foo is failing me.
Is there a list available?

I’m not following you. The maker service allows for WebHooks creation. Which means IFTTT can receive or send a web command. But if you want to filter out web commands to something, why go through IFTTT. You should use WebCore. It allows the exact same functionality without the unreliability of IFTTT. And I don’t know what you mean by “field names”. There’s no such thing with the maker service in IFTTT.
These are the triggers and actions for the maker service. But like I said, I would go directly to SmartThing with a webrequest to WebCore.

Here are the fields I’m currently using:

I’d like to add a filter using UnlockedBy (or somesuch) so I only get notified when one of the special codes is used to unlock the door.

Doesn’t work that way. Sorry. It’s all of nothing.

I know I can add filter code if I create a custom applet using the platform. I’ve done it with my Kevo. What I didn’t know was whether the SmartCode label used to open the lock was available to add to the recipe. From what I can see, it is not available as an ingredient.

What are you using as your “If” in IFTTT? And what are you using as your “This”?