IFTTT and SmartThings (UK accounts)

Not to keep pushing this but can we have an actual update when this is going to be up and running?

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I’m waiting for this too. Any news?

Me too… Any updates?

I’d also like to add my voice to the discontented. I simply cannot believe this was not spotted and solved prior to launch. That it still hasn’t been solved is a collective failure on Samsung’s part.

I find it hard to believe that the engineers cannot tackle something as simple as authorization, which is already implemented for US users. It’s not something new that you guys are trying to tackle.

We paid premium money for a half baked product. This functionality should have been provided out of the box. Really poor execution on Smartthings part.

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The problem stems from the fact that there are two server groups. One for the USA and one for the Uk. The IFTTT channel takes you to the US server channel. This means that IFTTT will also need to make changes at their end so the oauth stuff can work properly I guess. The ST UK rollout looks to be a phased rollout which makes sense. It will get fixed its just a question of time, each day gets us all closer to getting the fix. Can you tell I’m an optimist?

Why can’t smartthings handle the oauth request coming in and decide which server handles the request? Shouldn’t that be simpler?

Good luck getting IFTTT, amazon and other developers making changes to their code to handle every smartthings server they plan to incorporate.

I’m sure I’ve seen the devs of some of the oauth requiring apps on here like smarttiles etc mentioning that its a change required by smartthings and if it will become a change needed in their code (e.g. an international switch board for server to request to) they hadn’t been provided with it.

But yeah count me in for after an ETA. Pick a day and aim for it… even if its weeks away otherwise it just gives the impression you don’t know your own product… which means who knows about what any future update or feature release will do to the stability of the system… People like stable… means the rest of their households don’t yell at them when the lightswitch stops working.

After buying a SmartThings starter kit in recent days as well as some WeMo products (with a much larger view to buy into Nest/Protect/Hue/Osram Lightify automation) - I made a decision to commit to the SmartThings eco system as it looked to be the better solution out of the box - oh how wrong!

To find that a product designed to connect my home and become part of a hyper connected IOT… cant even connect between its own servers / services is a joke quite frankly. As i frequently discuss the benefits of IOT within enterprise on a global level and see the benefits, its oh so disheartening to learn first hand that the best SmartThings / Samsung has to offer at the moment for the residential market is “things with questionable use” that are slightly connected (location dependent) to a ‘Partial Internet’… I guess PIOTWQU just doesn’t work for the marketing teams…

Given this product is clearly still in final stages of Beta at best - I would hope Samsung will be contacting effected users with either a partial refund against what we have all already paid out - or at the very least offering an additional sensor or outlets.

I wonder how much publicity back to this thread on social it would take to protect any future consumers from joining the PIIOTWQU when they think they are buying their way into a smarter IOT, as well as, and more importantly speeding up the release required to fix this fundamental defect!


I don’t have a specific date from the engineers (which I know you want). The short answer I’m hearing is weeks (not days, not months) to get up and running. Once we get oauth going, there will still be a bit if a delay - in the trickle down effect - in changing the integrations with third party services (some is on us, some is on them).

I promise this is not just a priority for the UK. It affects some changes we are looking to implement in the US and is in everyone’s radar.

It’s really disgraceful that a company like Samsung didn’t pick this up prior to launch, was no testing done at all ? Or, perhaps even worse, they did and chose to continue anyway.

Not being able to fix it within what is approaching a month now really does not inspire confidence that there is adequate technical resource behind the product, and you want us to hand over control of our homes to such a product !

Enforcing a cloud only based architecture is concerning enough, when that is broken it’s a huge embarrassment and then when you can’t fix it in a timely fashion…

This really is astonishing that nobody clocked this in testing before launch.

You DID test it right?

As mentioned above, a free sensor or something would be nice compensation for buying a broken product.

I fully agree with what it’s being said.
On top of that I bought 2 sensors and 1 has never worked. Still waiting for a replacement.

Indeed… I am into day 18 waiting for a replacement also.

I am currently waiting for delivery of the starter pack as part of the Samsung and Insider’s WOM campaign and I find it disappointing that it is unlikely to be fixed before the 6 week campaign is over.

Doesn’t bode well for positive marketing.

So i found that this is only just starting to ‘Trial’ (regardless of the word campaign being used this is clearly a consumer trial) [https://www.theinsiders.eu/index.php?section=campaigns/blog&country=14&id=9093&page=1] in the UK - which i find strange on several levels - first and foremost, why is a product that is only just being put into tracked consumer environments on sale… secondly - what value will a trial be at this stage when its clear the service is not ready… its the equivalent of a car trial starting when the car only has 3 wheels - its not a good fit for the trial members and the feedback is likely to be distorted and irrelevant for the brand. I really want SmartThings to be a success in the UK as i personally can see a large investment and many use cases for my home & life, but if a campaign [Read: Trial] to get real life UK feedback is being conducted now i can imagine a lot of worried execs by the time the feedback is collected. I really hope this doesn’t further impact the investment and roll out in the UK.

Having looked at the ‘Campaign’ information, its also interesting to see at the end of the trial, the candidates get 2 options:


  • You keep the Samsung SmartThings devices and purchase them at a considerable discount from the full retail price.
  • You return the devices after the campaign according to the returns procedure below. Please note if the device is not returned in the specified timeframe after the campaign (see return policy below), this £99 security will be charged.

Reading in between the lines - it looks like the candidates can buy the starter kit for £99 (as this is the default value charged if its not returned).

As we are clearly all part of the ‘campaign’ [read:trial] involuntarily, and already trying to provide feedback & support - i would hope we will be treated the same - eg: we are all basically eligible for a refund of some description (assuming we have all paid £199 for the starter kit - that would be £100 back - or at least £100 to spend back on additional items from the SmartThings store front). I cant speak for all but logistically a £100 store credit is likely to be the easiest to implement which would allow those who want this to work to further our set ups - which in turn can only result in more scenarios / use cases & feedback furthering the community.

Aaron - i would welcome you passing this suggestion and feedback up and look forward to hearing the response. Hopefully it will only take hours or days to decide and not weeks or months like the technical fixes…


I have clearly paid full price for something which is essentially in BETA, will I be getting a £100 Refund and a pat on the back for the active contribution and reporting off issues to the team? :confused: Doubt it.


I was all set to recommend Smartthings to a friend who was thinking about a system to notify friends/relatives in the event of no activity in the home - he had been pointed to one of those 3rings Dragon’s Den mains plug thingies, but specifically wanted something that could email as well as SMS - I researched it and came upon Smartthings in combination with Sharptools/Tasker or maybe IFTTT (he’s iOS only).

Would it be pessimistic to think the OAth problem will not be resolved before Christmas? Or can we look forward to people dumping their kits on ebay in frustration, so we can pick up a kit cheaply and then roll our own solution as detailed by cpmilez and his ‘web request to IFTTT Maker’ alternative?


@garyc Given the comment from the below thread I think there will certainly be an influx of ebay/open box kit going around somewhere - Giving up on SmartThings its such a shame to see something with such potential be launched too early - lets hope it doesnt damage its own reputation permanently. I too was hoping to recommend to some of my friends but so far am actively and proactively dissuading to any of my mates who i think may see this and pick one up only to be disappointing / lose interest.

@Aaron - any news on my suggestion? Now would be a great time to reach out to @djtucker if you have anything to share…

@adgwill - thanks for the heads up… trolling the forums now and looking to help where possible.